The Whole of Humanity Has Gone Yuri Except for Me (Omnibus Edition) – What is Normal?

The Whole of Humanity Has Gone Yuri Except for Me Cover

It was just another normal day as Marika walked to school until she saw her two best friends kissing. That was odd, but then the absence of any men made things even stranger. Where had all the men gone?

The Whole of Humanity Has Gone Yuri Except for Me (Omnibus Edition) – What is Normal?

What happened?

Marika got to school feeling like things were a little off. First, she saw her two friends kissing and they had never shown any signs of having a relationship like that. Then, she noticed that there were no boys in her school. There were no boys anywhere. After sitting through a history class, she realised that it wasn’t that the boys had vanished. They had never been there. Apparently, a virus wiped out all the males in the 1920s. This was all a little too much for Marika, so she went to the nurse’s office.

There, she bumped into Lily Kazumi who overheard her talking about the strange day she was having. At first, she dismissed Marika as crazy but eventually came around to the idea that it might be true. Maybe, Marika had crossed between parallel worlds. The more they investigated, the more they discovered and the more things seemed to lend credence to Marika’s beliefs. Lily agreed to help Marika find a way home.

Soon, they discovered that there had always been a Marika in this world, which may mean the other Marika is now in the original Marika’s world. That means there might be a way to get back. All she has to do it work out what the other Marika did and repeat the process. However, there are some other troubling ideas running around. For one, Marika feels like she may have been here before. What does it all mean?

The Whole of Humanity Has Gone Yuri Except for Me Lily Kazami confesses her feelings for Marika Uruuno

What did you think?

I loved this book. Absolutely loved it. Before starting, I had no idea what it was about at all and that made it even better. Once the story got going, I assumed it would be about Marika coming to terms with the world she now found herself in, but it didn’t really do that. Instead, it turned into a fascinating sci-fi mystery where Marika and Lily tried to work out what happened and how they might undo it. Only, Lily started to develop feelings for Marika…

There were plenty of twists and turns such as the revelation that Marika was originally from this world and had been sent to the world she believed was her home, the other Marika had come the other way and through determination and reading, she found a way back. It was brilliant and very nicely revealed too. My only issue with the story was the last chapter was more of a montage of pictures wrapping up things when I would have liked a full chapter to really solidify what it was showing us. Otherwise, this was amazing. I will be anxiously awaiting an anime adaptation or a full-colour hardback edition which I will absolutely buy if it ever came to be.

The Whole of Humanity Has Gone Yuri Except for Me Lily Kazami and Marika Uruuno

Volume highlights

  • Series Review
    • Omnibus Edition – What is Normal?

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    • Same. It’s a really tight two volume story so would make an ideal 12 episode season without worrying about sequels. Plus, it was great.

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