Tomo-chan Is A Girl! (Volume 1) – He Never Treats Me Like a Girl!

Tomo chan is a Girl Volume 1 Cover

Tomo Aizawa confessed her love to her childhood friend Junichiro Kubota in high school. He fist-bumped her and said, “Bro, I love you too.” Junichiro has never really seen Tomo as a girl. That’s something she wants to change!

Tomo-chan Is A Girl! (Volume 1) – He Never Treats Me Like a Girl!

What happened?

Tomo and Junichiro grew up together. They lived across the street from one another, however, they were both zoned for different schools. That changed when they went into high school, which was the first time Junichiro saw Tomo wearing a skirt. Hang on, was Tomo a girl? Tomo is into karate and fighting. She has messy hair and doesn’t know anything about fashion. However, Tomo most definitely is a girl and she is in love with Junichiro. He just doesn’t seem to get it!

With the help of her “best friend”, Misuzu Gundou, she’s going to make Junichiro notice her. However, that might be easier said than done. Too often, Junichiro will treat Tomo like another guy and end up too close or accidentally doing something inappropriate. Rather than take the time to correct him, Tomo resorts to punching him out first. She’s not really helping herself.

However, they’re getting older and Junichiro is noticing that his friends are saying some things about Tomo that make him uncomfortable. What if Tomo is a girl? Rather, what if Junichiro saw her as a girl and not just a best friend? To make things more complicated, Tomo accidentally reveals why he and Misuzu are no longer friends – they dated one time! WHAT?!?!

Tomo chan is a Girl Volume 1 The Confession

What did you think?

The [firstname]-[honorific] is [something something] format of title is not something I thought I would naturally gravitate towards. For one, it’s mostly slice of life, high school drama. However, I can safely say that I’ve read enough manga and seen enough anime that use this format to say that I love them, and Tomo-chan is a Girl! is no different. Well, it is a little different. The book is built up from lots and lots of one or two-page scenes that slowly piece together their lives and problems.

It reminds me of the comic strip style of storytelling, which is something I used to love growing up. Whenever my parents got a newspaper, I would always track down the comic strip section. So, while this doesn’t have a stronger narrative driving it along, it’s short and sweet so you can dip in and out without getting lost or forgetting what’s going on. It’s also a very short book at around one hundred and forty pages. There is also the anime which is something I had planned on watching even before reading this volume. It’s a fun start and also Tomo is awesome.

Tomo chan is a Girl Volume 1 Tomo encounters a breeze

Volume highlights

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