Author Journey (March 29, 2021)

The Otaku Author Journey March 29 2021

Have you ever tried to visualize your perfect day? It’s a fairly common technique used to help you get your life on track, however, tread carefully, especially in a pandemic when everything is out of reach!

March 29, 2021

So, I was listening to a podcast earlier in the week and it was focused on putting steps in place to be able to weather a situation much like the one we currently find ourselves in. There was some good advice, but nothing that I hadn’t heard before. However, partway through the interview, they brought up the “perfect day” scenario. This is often used to help you realise what you need to change in your life and to help you work towards an ideal you.

Sounds great, doesn’t it. I even found a helpful checklist that will guide you through the process. I went through the list and ended up getting quite depressed. None of the answers are part of my current daily life and probably won’t be for some time.

For example, it asks what time you would wake up? My ideal time would be to naturally wake between eight and nine. I’m a night owl so often stay up late working so a little lie-in would be great. Currently, I wake at 06:45 when the kids scream for me and the dog needs to go out. It’s not the nice calm process that I would like.

After that, I would have a cup of tea and a quick breakfast before running down to the sea for an hour of surfing or stand-up-paddleboarding. That would set me up to write for a couple of hours. This would obviously be much simpler because I would be living on Piha beach in New Zealand. Currently, I live in Ottawa, Ontario and haven’t seen the sea in several years…

Needless to say, this entire exercise left me feeling quite glum and more than a little fed up. So, rather than focusing on the dream items that would make my perfect day, I’m going to try to spend this week relaxing and making the best of the current situation.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 16 Edokia Queen and Laura Hardly nude

With that in mind, my seasonal shows ended last week and my schedule will be reduced once the season reviews are written up for Dr Stone, The Promised Neverland, and The Quintessential Quintuplets. Admittedly, I was planning on stopping my seasonal reviews but then I realised that I had not planned on the final season of Fruits Basket airing this coming season.

So, I am going to delay my mystery third series until Fruits Basket has finished. I reviewed all fifty episodes of the first two seasons and feel like I must finish this series off. Either way, it’s not going to be extra work and I’m pretty sure I can watch one series weekly going forwards.

I’m still reading the Goblin Slayer light novel and am really enjoying it. The process is much slower than I’d like as I tend to squeeze in a chapter or two before bed. I’m sure it’s one of those books that I could sit down and read cover to cover in one sitting if I had the time… which I don’t. Either way, it’s nice to be reading more again.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 23 Itsuki getting flustered

This coming Thursday is April 1 which means that I will get back to work on my paranormal harem rom-com that I started back in November. I’m going to take the next couple of days to reread what I’ve written and make sure I have the outline for the remaining chapters. It will be nice to finish it so that I can get on with editing and hopefully start releasing it as a web-novel.

Just getting one of my projects to that stage will help me push on and get the others moving. Not to mention the infamous Black Death trilogy that still needs to be finished. I think that I’ll find that I have way more time now that I’m dropping down to posting just four times a week on a regular basis. There will be times that I’ll release some extra posts, but they won’t be as regimented.

This is the time that I’ve been working towards. I shall achieve a true balance between blogging and writing and it will be glorious. I’ve taken more than enough time off from writing fiction that it’s time to get that train back on the tracks.

Admittedly, I’m not going to be surfing anytime in the near future, but one day, I will be back at the beach. At least, I now know what I want. I just have to work out how to get there – one step at a time!

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 11 Kohaku


  1. You have several impressive-sounding writing projects going on. Good luck with them. If it were EASY to arrange your life so that you lived near the beach, then you wouldn’t appreciate it as much as you will when you finally get there.:-)

    • Thanks. I have to keep myself busy… it’s a curse and a blessing.

      For sure. It’s even harder to take when I used to live nearby, and have lived within walking distance of the sea my entire life until I moved to Canada. One day, I’ll get there.

  2. I totally get what you’re saying. It becomes easier to visualize once you become an empty nester. I’ve noticed that it is easier for me to dream and not get weighed down by the realities of life. All in due time! I’m more of a mountain/snow gal, so that’s my perfect day. It’s not so out of reach now that my son is grown. Hang in there and do what you must to keep truckin’!

    • Thanks. I think it’s all getting to me at the moment – the pandemic, new dog, young kids, especially as there is no escape from it at the moment either.

      Anime has been the only way to clear my head for a while now and it’s been harder to squeeze that in too. I’m sure things will pick up again.

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