Dr. Stone: Stone Wars (Episode 11) – Prologue of Dr. Stone

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With Hyoga and Homura captured, Senku begins to search for a way to save Tsukasa, but even he is struggling to come up with a solution. He needs more time, but Tsukasa is already staring down Death’s door!

What happened?

Having seen Hyoga fall to Senku and Tsukasa, Homura races in to help him, but Kohaku and the others arrive just in time to stop her. They have won, but at what cost! Senku is one-billion percent fine, Tsukasa, however, is not doing anywhere near as well. His wound wouldn’t necessarily kill him in a normal situation, but this is anything but normal.

They patch up Tsukasa as best they can, but it’s not enough and he knows it. Tsukasa asks why Senku is going to the trouble of trying to buy time when time is not something he can control. However, Senku has a plan for that. He’s going to build a cold storage facility so that he can freeze Tsukasa’s body. That will buy him the time to learn about petrification and discover where it came from.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 11 Senku

That technology alone would be the greatest advancement in humanity’s history. They would be able to store food indefinitely as stone and transform it back when they needed it. They would be able to cure almost any illness. At least that’s the plan. First, Senku needs to build the freezer and kill Tsukasa.

It’s an ironically fitting end as Senku gets revenge for the time that Tsukasa killed him, not that he ever wanted to. Still, he stays with Tsukasa as he breathes his last breath, talking to him about everything and nothing as he tries to occupy their minds on anything but what is happening.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 11 Tsukasa

Tsukasa’s final gift was to tell them the location of every statue he had broken, and he remembered the location of every single one. Finally, Tsukasa died and was placed in the cold storage where he was frozen until they could revive him.

This may feel like the end, but it’s just the beginning. Senku plans on building a ship and travelling around the world to the source of the petrification ray that froze humanity. The adventure is just beginning!

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 11 Senku plans on learning about petrification

What did you think?

This series is absolutely fantastic. There’s really not much more to it than that. Everything about it works. The characters are great, the premise is amazing, and the scope for adventure is limitless. I can’t help but get excited for the third season that has just been announced and I can’t wait to set sail with Senku and his team. There’s a whole new world to explore.

I even loved the way that they finally brought Tsukasa back. His reasoning for what he was doing was a little wishy-washy but having him remember the location of every statue he smashed and then telling them where they were before he died was a great touch. He’s always been an interesting character, but this took it to another level.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 11 Kohaku

What have you learnt?

I’ll tell you right now, there is no such thing as a crazy idea when it comes to storytelling. This series is about a genius teenager who is trying to build a world of science from the stoneage. It probably shouldn’t work this well, but with the right characters, they’ve made this a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable story. So, never rule out the potential of a story based on an idea. No matter how weird or ridiculous it seems, it can work. There is hope for every idea if you care for it and give it what it needs – great characters. Plot is nice, but it’s the characters that connect the audience.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 11 Senku to set sail

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  1. “Tsukasa’s final gift was to tell them the location of every statue he had broken, and he remembered the location of every single one.”

    Tsukasa is a complex character, more complex than people give him credit for. Sure, he’s an evil SOB – but he’s still an honorable evil SOB. This upends a lot of current assumptions about characters, folks don’t seem to like their good-vs.-evil any way other than stark black-and-white.

    Me? I can easily buy into a Tsukasa that honestly regrets the necessity of his choices. (Granted, he shouldn’t have made the choice in the first place.)

    Also, I like stories with this structure… A hugely dramatic ending, followed by an epilogue that lets the audience and the story breathe and wind down.

    • I find I tend to like them all. Black and white characters, and morally grey characters. Admittedly the grey characters tend to be more interesting.

      Same with the endings, I love that sucker punch when a series ends with something spectacular like the end of The Promised Neverland (season one, of course. I’m pretending the second season never happened.) But I also enjoy it when a series has a bit or a wind down, showing you how things have changed.

      Basically, I like lots of stories, but most definitely Dr Stone.

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