Dr. Stone: Stone Wars (Episode 6) – Prison Break

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Chrome realises that he will have to escape from Tsukasa’s prison alone or risk putting everyone else in danger, but there’s a new prison boss around and he’s got eyes on becoming one of the top dogs in this stone world!

What happened?

Of course, Tsukasa, doing what all good evil villains with a stone castle and throne do, gives the job of watching over Chrome to one of his henchmen. This time it’s Yo’s chance to shine. He’s a former police officer who has a bit of a violent streak, so ideal for the new world order Tsukasa is trying to build… or at least since he changed from the one that at least had some sort of ideological basis. Now, it’s just violent thugs and cute girls…

Anyhow, after seeing the traps that had been laid out to stop Senku from attacking with some sort of vehicle, because that’s a natural leap for Tsukasa to make, Chrome realises that he will have to escape and to do that he will need to use science. Only, he doesn’t have anything to work with. He tells his guards that he needs to go to the bathroom and uses it as a chance to scavenge whatever he can.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 6 Chrome escapes with Science

Sadly, he didn’t get anything that immediately helps his situation, however, the battery that was taken from him was mysteriously rolled into the cell at night. It’s exactly what Chrome needs. He tries to create fire but is instantly spotted. His next effort is to create an acid that will eat through the ropes, but he needs saltwater and there aren’t any seas in his cell.

However, he can make saltwater through sweat. Chrome spends the night working away and eventually gathers enough sweat to use. After running a current through it, he pours the liquid on the ropes and it works. The corroded ropes fall away and Chrome runs. He gets past most of the minions, but Yo gives chase.

He catches up to Chrome and threatens to beat him and throw him back in jail. Suddenly, Chrome starts coughing up blood and says he has pneumonia. He then spits blood at Yo and hits him in the nuts with a bamboo pole.

Kohaku spots Chrome walking away from the kingdom and brings him to the new base where Senku corrects his science assumptions but congratulates him on the escape. He also realises that Chrome didn’t have pneumonia and it was just red water from chewing leaves.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 6 Yo

What did you think?

This episode was all Chrome and it was great to see him get a chance to prove himself. Too often, he’s been playing second fiddle to Senku. There were some good moments in the episode, although I did think it overplayed the more goofy aspects of the animation. I think this is the first time I’ve felt that way, so I’m not too worried about them finding the balance once more.

Tsukasa seems to be becoming more and more of a cartoon villain. At this stage, he’s practically Skeletor from Masters of the Universe. All he needs is a large cat and an evil laugh. I actually think his story could have made a very compelling series as it looked at the reasons behind his decisions and how he’s reacted to the news that Senku is alive. It would be quite a dark story, but fascinating nonetheless.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 6 Senku and Chrome

What have you learnt?

The obvious thing that I feel like the show is actively trying to stop us from thinking, is that Ukyo is far cleverer than Tsukasa and it’s not clear what his intentions are. From the moment, he caught Chrome, I’ve been wondering what his game plan is. He seemed to want to play the buddy role to Chrome and I couldn’t work out if that’s his way of getting the information he wants.

Ukyo was the one that gave Chrome the battery, I’m one-billion percent sure of that. Again, was it to help Chrome escape or was it so that he could follow him back to Senku, and then, for what reason? Does Ukyo intend to join Senku or doing this for Tsukasa? It’s great that in just a few small interactions Ukyo has thrown so many questions into the air and almost all of them could go either way.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 6 Senku welcomes Chrome back

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  1. I had the same train of thought as you. Who is Ukyo and what is his game? What is that guy up to? I was happy to see Chrome shine for an episode. It made me pretty happy.

    • Yeah, it’s going to be interesting. He doesn’t seem like a bad person, but it’s impossible to tell what his angle is.

      Now that Chrome has his episode, I want a Kohaku one.

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