Dr. Stone: Stone Wars (Episode 1) – Stone Wars Beginning

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It’s almost spring and that means that Tsukasa will shortly begin his attack, however, Senku has a couple of tricks up his sleeve. Of course, that’s nothing compared to what Gen has got planned!

What happened?

It’s been a lot of effort, but they now have two working cell phones. They’re massive and require Magma to carry one around, but they work and will give Ishigami village a massive advantage in the coming days. However, Senku isn’t about to stop there. His next plan will make it possible for them to strike first. What could this crazy invention be? That’s right, pot noodles!

In order to make it possible for the villagers to get around in the cold season, Senku comes up with a plan to freeze-dry ramen noodles. This will make them light and stop them from spoiling. They can also be warmed up in an instant, making the challenges of carrying supplies that much easier. Even with these advances, Riri is worried about the villagers and hopes that there won’t be much blood spilt. Senku reassures her, but can it really work?

Gen has another idea and it’s so dastardly that he waits until everyone is asleep before telling Senku. His plan is to use the cell phone that they will give to Taiju and Yuzuriha to pretend to be Lillian Weinberg and tell Tsukasa’s followers that America has recovered and that help is on the way. It’s wicked but brilliant. Unfortunately, Chrome overhears and become part of the plan. Now, they just need to get the cell phone to Taiju and Yuzuriha.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 1 Suika Kohaku and Riri Pot Noodles

What did you think?

I have missed this series! It was so easy to slip right back into where we were, and not to mention the tone feels so familiar, despite being a quirky mix of science, post-apocalypse, and goofy expressions. Of course, Senku had them make pot noodles. It’s the least obvious thing, but then when you really think about it, it’s genius. An army marches on its stomach. If it can’t eat it doesn’t work.

I absolutely love the way Senku and Gen bounce off one another, especially when they start with their evil faces. The animation is such a wild trip, but then it also gives us Kohaku and Riri. It’s been too long since we’ve got to hang out with any of these characters, but I missed Kohaku the most. Damn, it’s good to be back, although a little sad to see this is just an eleven episode season.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 1 Senku and Gen explain the plan to Chrome

What have you learnt?

I’ve always been a little sympathetic to Tsukasa’s vision. Not because I necessarily agree with it, but I can see his logic. I think that goes a long way to making a more interesting villain. It was crazy creepy to see him brushing the snow off the stone child, especially when you see that she’s holding the remaining stone hand of what was likely one of her parents. For me, that was the point that showed how twisted Tsukasa vision is.

It’s just chilling thinking about the possibility that the little girl will be revived holding a dismembered hand, especially if she remembers whose hand it was and even worse if the hand gets revived in the process. That’s some crazy dark ideas there, but it gives the series some real balance and shows just what they’re up against. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 1 Gen has a plan

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