Dr. Stone (Episode 15) – The Culmination of Two Million Years

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With Magma out of the Grand Bout, all they need to do is ensure that Chrome wins and he can marry Ruri and become the chief, but Ginro gets some funny ideas and even then, can Chrome recover from his fight in time?

What did you watch?

This was episode 15 of Dr. Stone and after the last episode that was incredible, I have no idea how they are going to top it, but I’m sure they’ll give it a go. This series is very quickly becoming my favourite of the year. I feel like there will be more Kohaku in this episode, which is long overdue. All right, let’s get into it and as always there will be spoilers!

Dr Stone Episode 15 Kohaku Defends Senku

What happened?

Ginro approached Ruri to allay her fears and let her know that all they had to do was to let Chrome win, however, Ruri tried to remain impartial and it gave Ginro some whacky ideas. He entered the bout with Senku determined to win as his less honourable side began to show. It even gave the spectators cause for concern. Chrome tossed Senku the pumpkin mask with a hint. Senku accepted and used the pumpkin mask to make a lever and take Ginro out of the contest. Now, to let Chrome win. Chrome…

Unfortunately, Chrome could not continue and Senku was crowned the victor. He accepted Ruri as his wife and collected the wine. Realising that Ruri didn’t have much longer to live, he divorced her and raced off to put together the sulfa drug. They worked through the day and night and finally produced the cure-all drug. Senku gave Ruri the medicine and took a dead mouse away to study it. Even with the cure-all drug, there are some bacteria that it can’t beat. When they returned to check up on Ruri, she appeared to be doing worse!

What did you think?

This is my series of the year. I’m calling it with nine episodes left in the season. There is just no denying how great it is and how well written the story is. The characters are fantastic and continue to amaze me. They just seem to fit so many wonderful moments into each episode and it’s hard to see how it’s going to keep raising the bar, but it does. You’d think Senku winning the tournament would be the big highlight, but it gets surpassed by several more. I am just loving this series.

Dr Stone Episode 15 Senku Celebrates

What was your favourite moment?

Seeing all the hard work over the previous episodes finally come together as Senku revealed the sulfa drug was awesome. The relief and joy on the faces of everyone involved felt believable and that was before they’d even given it to Ruri. Seeing Kohaku’s reaction was the highlight of this little moment too. She’d been working so hard and going against everyone to do what she could. I loved that, Senku acknowledged that the hot spring water that she’d been tirelessly collecting every day had probably kept Ruri alive to this point.

What was your least favourite moment?

I’m thinking of dropping this section for this series entirely. I will point out one moment that I thought was an odd directorial decision and that was when Ruri was taking the drug. It was an off pose, to say the least.

Dr Stone Episode 15 Ruri taking the Medicine

Who was your favourite character?

It has to be Kohaku for her emotional response to the moment the drug was finished and then to stand up to her father again, protecting Senku as it appeared that Ruri had gotten worse. Of course, it wasn’t the case and it just proved that it was pneumonia and that the drug would work. Kohaku gave up her role in her family so that she could find a way to make Ruri better. Everything she has done to this point has been to extend the life of her sister and ultimately, she found Senku and has finally achieved her goal. She is an incredible character.

Dr Stone Episode 15 Kohaku Diving for a Sponge

Who was your least favourite character?

It could have Ginro for the way he lost his mind in the Grand Bout, but that seemed pretty believable. Admittedly, the actions of my least favourite character are also believable and in character, but I feel like I have to give it to the Chief, Ruri and Kohaku’s father. It was pretty funny when Senku referred to him as the past chief and that he didn’t care one millimetre for his opinion. He also lost it near the end and attacked Senku. I understand why, but that’s enough to take this accolade.

Dr Stone Episode 15 Ruri and Chief looking at Senku

Would you like some more?

So after all that, we were hit with yet another bombshell. Senku was named the chief of Ishigami Village… Hold on… Senku’s family name is Ishigami! Whaaat? This series just gets better and better. Now, I may have accidentally spoiled a big surprise for myself when I went onto a wiki page looking for character names, but don’t worry I won’t say anything and even if I did, I think the outcome would still blow peoples minds. Needless to say, even without this knowledge, I cannot wait for the remaining episodes. This series has been a welcome breath of fresh air. Love it!

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  2. “This is my series of the year. I’m calling it with nine episodes left in the season. ”

    It’s right up there, isn’t it? I mean, there’s a lot I liked about Demon Slayer. Fruits Basket is hard to top. But given what’s going on IRL right now, the simple statement that science can make lives better — even save lives — is just so hopeful!

    And as you pointed out, Kohaku’s reaction to the drug finally being done was amazing. Heck, even Gen was happy!

    A good heart and a hopeful message. Kind of restores some faith in humanity!

    • Exactly. This series has been so positive and I love how it’s making science look cool (which we already knew it was, but some don’t seem to realize).

      Some of the feel good moments have been outstanding, just look at Suika’s glasses, then Kinro overpowering Magma, Chrome defeating Magma, and then the drug.

      I can’t wait to see what we have in store (although I do know some of it…)!

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