Dr. Stone: Stone Wars (Episode 8) – Final Battle

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Senku launches an attack to capture the cave where the nitric acid is found and has twenty seconds to do it effectively. However, Tsukasa has found the telephone and is on his way to intervene. The clock is ticking!

What happened?

The tank thundered towards the miracle cave with the warriors of the Kingdom of Science running in tow. There were numerous traps to stop a vehicle, but they pushed on, rumbling over them. The fake tank shell explosion did enough to scatter the defenders and make it easier for them to fight, which they had to do without taking any lives.

Eventually, the tank hit one trap too many and toppled over, and so close to the cave too. This is where Magma stepped up and took Senku’s latest weapon, a curved sheet of metal. Chrome placed an explosive charge at the end of it and Magma aimed it at the men defending the cave. It released an acoustic shockwave that rendered the soldier unconscious.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 8 Senku attacks

They had almost done it, but the final explosive for the shockwave weapon was destroyed. There was only one thing left to do. Taiju jumped in front and yelled with all his might into the device, delivering another shockwave. With the help of Nikki, Ukyo, and those they converted they successfully captured the cave with zero casualties.

Senku hurried to use the nitric acid to prepare gunpowder, especially as the other ingredients were all ready. However, Ukyo suddenly screamed for them all to run – Tsukasa and Hyoga were on their way. It was, of course, too late and Ukyo was knocked out of the tree by Hyoga.

Tsukasa greeted Senku once more and told them that they had already lost. However, Senku is not one to give up so easily. Taiju was worried and feared losing Senku once more, but Senku pointed out that he had the Kingdom of Science behind him.

Kohaku took the time to properly greet Tsukasa before charging into battle. She didn’t have a plan but was confident that Senku and Chrome would come up with something if they were given the time.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 8 Senku Kohaku and Chrome

What did you think?

This episode was excellent and felt like the perfect mix of science and action. Plus we got to see more of Kohaku doing what she does best. Honestly, if the next episode was just her and Tsukasa fighting, I would be more than delighted. He may have bettered her the last time they met, but she has forged samurai swords and a metal shield at her disposal. I don’t care how strong Tsukasa is, he isn’t going to block those with a stone blade.

I’m not sure what else to say other than, this episode was over way too soon. Sure, twenty seconds lasted for about five minutes, but the rest of it was over in a heartbeat. I don’t want to have to wait another week or three to find out how this ends… damn it, give me all of Dr Stone right now! This series is fantastic.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 8 Kohaku

What have you learnt?

I’m waiting for Tsukasa to realise that he’s become the villain, and given how clever he is, I think he will make that realisation. The difference between him and Hyoga, however, will be that Tsukasa doesn’t want to be the villain. Just from watching this episode, you’ll note that Hyoga was the one that attacked Ukyo, stabbing him with his spear. I don’t think Tsukasa would have used lethal force against him. I could be wrong, but that the impression I get.

Finally, I really want to know what Senku is going to do with the nitric acid and the significance of the glass vial in his mouth. This episode was great and has left me on the edge of my seat desperate to find out what happens next, unlike The Promised Neverland that has completely overused the cliffhanger to the point that I’m expecting it to be resolved within seconds and be a none issue, to begin with.

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  1. “The difference between him and Hyoga, however, will be that Tsukasa doesn’t want to be the villain.”


    Also, yes, absolutely spot on about Neverland’s misuse of cliffhangers.

    • Lynn Sheridan
      Lynn Sheridan

      I’m really excited to see how this plays out. It’s going to be epic.

      And yeah, Neverland has destroyed the power of the cliffhanger because we’ve seen it too much and each time it was nothing…

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