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Tsukasa has revealed his intentions to Senku. Aware that there would be no way to oppose him, Senku decides to keep the formula to reverse the petrification a secret… well, until Taiju excitedly reveals all!

What did you watch?

I’m back with Senku and Taiju for episode 3 of Dr. Stone. Things are about to get interesting as Tsukasa, the monstrous fighting machine that they freed to save them from the lions has just revealed his desires for the new world. I’ve been enjoying this series so far and have high hopes for that to continue. There’s nothing like a good post-apocalyptic story for stunning visuals and impressive vistas. Let’s get on with the review, shall we? As always, there will be spoilers.

Dr Stone Episode 3 Senku And Tsukasa A Difference Of Opinions

What happened?

So, Taiju ran onto the beach with the latest batch of nitric acid for the formula to de-petrify Yuzuriha. He also mentioned the cave and just about everything that Senku had just resolved not to tell Tsukasa. I guess he’s just going to have to think on his feet again, but then Tsukasa isn’t going to be that easy to fool, he’s not Taiju after all!

Senku gave up the location of the cave so that he could Yuzuriha and give Taiju the chance to run away with her. Taiju and Yuzuriha refuse, determined to stay by Senku’s side. Tsukasa finds the cave and makes the connection between nitric acid and breaking the stone. On the way back to the others he comes across a collection of petrified people and destroys all of the adults.

Dr Stone Episode 3 Tsukasa Destroying Petrified Adults

What did you think?

This was a little bit of a slower episode with lots of mind games and trickery. Senku is well aware that should he wish to, Tsukasa could take over the world as it is right now and easily impose his own views. The only thing holding him back is the ability to free the youth from their petrified prisons, so when Taiju reveals the secret it puts them in a very difficult position. If they have any hope of defeating Tsukasa they’re going to need to reinvent modern weapons.

Dr Stone Episode 3 Taiju Dresses Stone Yuzuriha

What was your favourite moment?

That was the standoff between Taiju and Tsukasa. Once Senku had revealed what Tsukasa was doing, Taiju stood before him and refused to let him continue, but then Taiju isn’t a fighter. He can just take a beating. Even when Senku fired a crossbow bolt at him, Tsukasa snatched it out of the air. This guy is a beast and possibly the worst person they could have awoken. It’s going to be interesting going forward.

Dr Stone Episode 3 Tsukasa Kicks Taiju

What was your least favourite moment?

I find it a little frustrating that Tsukasa is not only strong and dangerous, but he’s also clever. Not on a Senku level, but still clever enough to continue without them. I’m surprised he didn’t just try to kill them all there and then and take the world for himself. The way he figured out all of Senku’s plans just from examing their base and the footprints struck me as a little odd.

Who was your favourite character?

Despite his blunder at the beginning of the episode, which probably couldn’t have been helped without Senku warning Taiju of his concerns, Taiju was my favourite character. It was great to see him finally free Yuzuriha and even though he never actually told her what he’d been waiting all this time to tell her, I fell like she probably knew. He also has incredible stamina and optimism. Eight kilometres! Two marathons… no problem, that should take about five hours…

Dr Stone Episode 3 Taiju Pulling Raft With Senku And Yuzuriha

Who was your least favourite character?

Not so much a character, just an odd observation. Society has crumbled, clothing weathered away, buildings destroyed, and yet, Yuzuriha’s headphones survived for three-thousand and seven-hundred years. Not only, that, but she still has them on. Is that because we won’t recognise her without them? Curious!

Dr Stone Episode 3 Taiju Frees Yuzuriha

Would you like some more?

I love the dynamic of Senku trying to save everyone and recreate the modern world versus Tsukasa looking to create a new world free from controls. I do think they’ve turned Tsukasa into an overpowered villain a little too soon, but I guess we’ve got to get some conflict going, especially as Taiju is the complete opposite of conflict. They’re going to need something to turn the tide against Tsukasa and quickly. I can’t wait to see what Senku has planned for next week’s episode.

Dr Stone Episode 3 Taiju Senku And Yuzuriha At Bronze Buddha

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  1. “and yet, Yuzuriha’s headphones survived for three-thousand and seven-hundred years.”

    That’s been bugging me, too. So I looked it up on the Dr. Stone Wiki. It says she’s wearing a hair band. It’s not on her ears, so I didn’t think it could be headphones, though it certainly looks like them!

    I thought it might be a fancy cochlear implant, but it seems it’s a hair band.

    So your question stands: Why’s she still wearing it?

    Inquiring minds and all…

    • Indeed. Truly an immortal hairband. I feel like in the first episode, she lifted them up off her ears so that she could listen to Taiju. I’m going to have to double check that, but either way, we need an explanaiton.

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