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With Chrome safe and sound, Senku and Gen start work on the plan to convert people to their side with the Lilian Weinberg recording. They just have to avoid Ukyo and his incredible hearing. Should be simple right? Wrong!

What happened?

Nikki and Taiju brought the next group to the gravesite and let them talk to Gen and hear the recording. Gen had been working with Lilian superfan, Nikki to perfect his impersonation, and it was working. More and more members of Tsukasa’s kingdom were switching sides. It seemed like the perfect plan, but then Ukyo arrived and said that he’d like to hear the conversation.

Senku put on the music and when that was done, Gen put his impersonation against its next test. After losing to superfan, Nikki, he was determined to redeem himself. However, Ukyo wasn’t easily fooled. He spoke into the telephone but in English. Senku realised instantly that he was doing it so that they could maintain the pretence. Was Ukyo on their side?

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 7 Ukyo

Ukyo recalled his time with Tsukasa and how he had watched him smashing stone statues to pieces. He told himself that unless they were revived it wasn’t really murder, but that never say well with him. When Hyoga returned from his attempt to capture the village, he revealed that Senku had killed his men with weapons of science, although Ukyo wasn’t convinced.

The final piece of the puzzle was Yuzuriha and the secret mission that Senku had given her before they split up. He had watched her leave to work on some clothes with a bag of stones. After watching her sew the clothes in a matter of minutes, Ukyo followed her to what she was really up to. The stones were fragments of statues and she was carefully putting them back together.

That was the moment that Ukyo knew that he was on the wrong side and had been keen to speak to Senku himself. He agreed to help but only if Senku could promise a bloodless war. Senku, who was planning that all along, agreed, seemingly fine with it being a condition and not just an ideal.

Taiju and Yuzuriha finally joined up with Senku and the villagers as they began their attack on the cave where the nitric acid is found. Capture the cave and the war would be over. This is it – the Stone Wars has begun!

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 7 Yuzuriha's Secret Mission

What did you think?

I loved this episode and I’m not entirely sure why. My best guess is that it felt much more like the first season. We got to see the level of thought that Senku puts into everything. The secret mission was a perfect example of that. Then, we had the reunion of Taiju and Senku and it went just as you might have expected. Finally, we actually got to see them step into action as they attempt to take the cave from Tsukasa.

However, there’s one more thing that I’m glad they touched on. I am talking about Hyoga. It’s clearly painting him out as the main threat to Senku’s goal of bloodless war. I thought he almost outed himself to Tsuakas when he failed to remember the names of the goons he killed in the poisonous gas and blamed Senku for. I’m kind of curious what Homura thought of that seeing as she’s so close to Hyoga.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 7 Senku Taiju and Yuzuriha reunited

What have you learnt?

This may be a shorter season than the first one, but it’s still the same Dr Stone that we know and love. It’s interesting that they have decided to focus on the one arc and just do an eleven episode season rather than adding a second arc and giving it a full two-cour run. Makes me think that they already have the next season planned out and there was no good way to fit them together.

Honestly, I think that’s a great way to do things. There have been some of the newer shows that air directly on streaming services and have a variety of episode lengths. One of the pieces of advice I hear around the writing world is that a story is as long as it needs to be. So, if you are trying to squeeze a story into a shorter run time or drag it out to fill the required length you are not doing the story any favours. I think it’s a bold move from the Dr Stone team and I applaud it.

Dr Stone Stone Wars Episode 7 Capture the Cave

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