Dr. Stone (Saturday Spin-off) – Kohaku Lost?

Dr Stone Saturday Spin-off Kohaku Lost

This may seem like an excuse to talk about Kohaku again… and it is, but I’d also love to see her command her own series. That’s right, here is my pitch for a Kohaku spin-off of her own. What crazy adventure could I send her on?

What’s going on?

I’ve made it no secret that I loved Dr. Stone. In fact, when I relaunched this site, I did it with a twenty-four-hour Dr. Stone takeover. This was one of those series that got better and better as it progressed and I am delighted that there will be a second season. There was one thing that really stood out for me and that was Kohaku. She is a wonderful character and in my mind deserves a lot more screentime than she got. So, this is my chance to put an idea out into the universe and see what happens.

Dr Stone Episode 21 Kohaku and Riri Crushing Grapes

What’s the pitch?

Senku is working on some fancy new piece of technology that he says will revolutionise the world. Of course, there are a number of different things that he needs to complete it. Many of which, are not easily available. He has theorised that some of it will be on a rocky island off the coast, but it’ll be a dangerous trip. That’s not something that seems to bother the Nation of Science, however, and they set off on a makeshift raft. A huge storm appears out of nowhere and breaks the raft into pieces scattering its crew.

Kohaku wakes up on a sandy beach with Riri, Suika, and Gen. They realise that they are stranded on a deserted island and the mainland is nowhere to be seen. All they can do is settle in and survive until Senku finds them or they can make a raft of their own. Kohaku shows them how to hunt and find food. She builds a shelter and tries to make the best of it, while Gen moans about the lack of Cola. Riri and Suika do what they can and are keen to learn, but Kohaku is left with the bulk of the work.

Dr Stone Episode 8 Kohaku Cutting Millet

Where did the inspiration come from?

In truth, I could have put Kohaku in any situation and it would have been a smash hit. The trick was trying to keep it within the Dr. Stone universe. That meant I couldn’t Isekai Kohaku, no matter how much I wanted to. Then, the answer came to me from another series that I enjoyed last year. That series was Are You Lost? If you’re not familiar, it’s about four high school girls who end up stranded on an island and must survive until help comes. It was funny and educational, and I loved it. So, the idea of taking some of my favourite characters from one series and dumping them into another series seemed like a great idea.

Dr Stone Episode 15 Kohaku Diving for a Sponge

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  1. Oh my god this is brilliant.

    > In truth, I could have put Kohaku in any situation and it would have been a smash hit


    • Absolutely. Kohaku would be amazing in anything, so I can’t take too much credit, but thanks all the same.

  2. Kohaku is the best girl in Doctor Stone in my opinion! Shes a favorite of mine too!

    • Kohaku was one of my favourite characters of 2019 and I was just looking for any excuse to shine more light on her.

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