To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts (Saturday Spin-off) – Cain Madhouse

To The Abandonded Sacred Beasts Saturday Spin-off Cain Madhouse Title

The Sacred Beasts were promptly abandoned after the war which sent Cain Madhouse spiralling out of control. Wouldn’t it be cool to see the events of the war that started the process off?

What’s going on?

So far with this category of posts, I’ve pitched a couple of spin-off series, an OVA, and an exercise video. Well, now it’s time for a prequel series… Don’t be like that. Some prequels are excellent. Just look at Fate/Zero. I really enjoyed To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts, seeing Schaal and Hank as they attempted to stop the other Sacred Beasts from going wild. The first episode did a lot to set the scene with a brief glimpse of the Sacred Beasts in the war. It ended with Cain Madhouse betraying Hank and Elaine. Personally, I’d love to see more of the Sacred Beasts winning the battles and slowly losing their humanity.

To The Abandonded Sacred Beasts Saturday Spin-off Hank Henriette and Cain Madhouse

What’s the pitch?

The war between the Northern Union and the Southern Confederation rages on and the South is on the verge of winning, but that’s all about to change. We see two soldiers signing up for a secret weapon project where they are experimented on by Elaine Bluelake. It’s the beginning of the Sacred Beasts project. The two soldiers are dispatched on a test mission and are successful beyond the North’s expectations. They quickly enlist everyone else that is compatible with the project and begin to fight back.

The two initial soldiers, Hank Henriette and Cain Madhouse are placed in charge of the unit and lead them into battle after battle. It’s bloody and brutal and more of a massacre than a battle. Cain experiences the bloodlust that comes with his abilities slowly taking over, but he manages to hide it from Hank and Elaine. With his cunning, he manages to position himself as Elaine’s confident as she dare not discuss the future with her lover, Hank!

To The Abandonded Sacred Beasts Saturday Spin-off The Sacred Beasts

Where did the inspiration come from?

Obviously, a lot of the inspiration for this comes from the original series. For the most part, Cain Madhouse is the grinning, maniacal villain, but they hint at a time when he wasn’t. So basically, I’d like to see him go from being the upstanding soldier that put his life on the line to protect his family and friends. It’s going to be fairly dark as we watch Cain losing his humanity as he realises how he and his entire unit is expendable and will not see the peace they’re fighting for. I think this could be a really interesting series and deal with some very real topics in the same way that the actual series did.

To The Abandonded Sacred Beasts Saturday Spin-off Cain Madhouse Realisation

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    • Agreed. It would be great seeing more off them and really get to know them before the lose control. Would make for some fairly tragic events.

  1. This is one prequel I’d probably even watch. I was a little disappointed that they kind of covered the backstory in one episode and then we moved on (though I did like the focus on the lack of purpose after the war ended).

    • Yeah, it definitely seemed to hurry through the setup and if we’d had more time to get to know the soldiers before Hank started hunting them down it would have been that much more compelling.

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