Highschool of the Dead (Saturday Spin-off) – Sniper of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead Saturday Spin-off Sniper of the Dead Title

Lots of zombie shows follow someone less than prepared for the zombie apocalypse, but what if there was a character who was ready for anything and knew exactly how to handle herself? It might go something like this…

Highschool of the Dead (Saturday Spin-off) – Sniper of the Dead

What’s going on?

You could argue that every spin-off idea that I’ve put forward so far is a bit of a passion project. They’re obviously characters or events that speak to me and that I would like to know more about. This is probably the clearest instance of that. It’s no secret that I love zombies and unsurprisingly Highschool of the Dead. I spent a lot of time wondering what they all got up to after the series ended. In this spin-off, I’m going to focus on one of the most underutilized characters in the series. I am, of course, talking about Rika Minami…

Highschool of the Dead Episode 12 Rika Minami Phone Shorting

What’s the pitch?

Rika Minami left the battleship with two duffle bags full of guns and ammo. Well, they said she could take whatever she could carry. The sound of gunfire erupted from behind her as the horde shuffled along the dock towards the battleship. If she hadn’t already made her mind up to find Shizuka… well, there was no turning back now. Knowing that she was alive, however, made all the difference. It had been a couple of days since the EMP fried all of the electronics, but they’d managed to speak for just a second and that was enough.

That said, Shizuka could be anywhere. Tokyo was a pretty large space to search, especially with the undead snapping at your heels. If Rika was to catch up with her, she’d have to try to trace her steps and the first place Shizuka would have gone was to Rika’s apartment. That was a couple of hours drive from the port and given the noise cars make and that zombies seem to be attracted to sound, she was going to have to make the trip on foot, for now at least. A city of zombies stood between her and her best friend, but if there was anyone you didn’t want to get in the way of, it was Rika Minami!

Highschool of the Dead Episode 5 Rika Minami Assesses Shots

Where did the inspiration come from?

As if I needed a reason! All right fine, I’ll talk. Back in December 2018, I dove into Highschool of the Dead, reviewing all the anime, manga, and looking into the characters. Since I relaunched my site, those have been sitting in my drafts and while I do plan on releasing them back into the world, I thought that this would be a great place to start. Rika Minami is a sniper with the Tokyo Police Force and while we only see a little of her in the anime and marginally more in the manga, she is a certified badass. I am dying to know more of her story, especially as it appeared that it was finally going to spend some time with her before Daisuke Satō sadly passed.

Highschool of the Dead Episode 5 Rika Minami Frees Boobs

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Series Information

English TitleHighschool of the Dead
Japanese TitleGakuen Mokushiroku: Haisukūru obu za Deddo
GenresActionApocalyptic, Ecchi, Harem, Horror, Supernatural, Zombies


SeasonSeason One
ReleasedSummer 2010
Animation StudiosMadhouse
1Spring of the Dead
2Escape from the Dead
3Democracy Under the Dead
4Running in the Dead
5Streets of the Dead
6In the Dead of the Night
7Dead Night and the Dead Ruck
8The Dead Way Home
9The Sword and the Dead
10The Dead’s House Rules
11Dead Storm Rising
12All Dead’s Attack
English TitleDrifters of the Dead
Japanese TitleDrifters of the Dead
ReleasedSpring 2011
Animation StudiosMadhouse
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