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We all love a good overpowered character… We also seem to love the bad overpowered characters too! And by bad, I mean evil! What if Ainz Ooal Gown wasn’t the only player transported to Yggdrasil?

What’s going on?

It would appear that I spend a lot of time looking at secondary characters and events or wondering what would have happened if something happened a little differently. Well today, I’m going to channel this energy into Overlord. There are loads of characters in Overlord and lots of them are pretty interesting, so how am I going to pick someone to focus on? I’m not going to pick. For this Saturday Spin-off, I’m going to create a new character entirely.

What’s the pitch?

It’s the final moments of the DMMORPG Yggdrasil and players are logging out after having said goodbye to the game. One player, a bit of a noob is still wandering around and trying to complete this one quest that has been bugging them for some time. They’ve almost done too. Just a little more time… After one last push the noob did it. They spend a moment to reveal in their small victory, but when they go to log out, the interface has gone.

Unsure of what is going on, they wander around until they find a small town. Everything looks just like the game, but it seems too real. The NPCs are acting like real people. After a brief period of shock, the noob finds a room in a tavern and looks to build a new life as an adventurer. Some time later, the noob has grown accustomed to their new life in this world that resembles the game, but then they witness a terrifying sight. A wizard obliterates an army with some dark magic. The most shocking thing is that they recognize the wizard even with his mask on, but he was a player in the game… wasn’t he?

Where did the inspiration come from?

I love Overlord, specifically seasons one and three. The second one dragged a little, but it was still fun. So, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that I’d like to head back to that world and see more of it. As we have Ainz Ooal Gown covering the overpowered evil overlord, I thought it would be fun to see the world from an average character’s point of view, especially someone not from that world who has previous knowledge of Ainz. It’s interesting because Ainz is constantly looking for other players from the game, but what if one found him and hid the fact after seeing how much of a monster he’d become. I’d like to see a natural opponent to Ainz emerge and it would be fun to see them have to develop the skills and power levels to be able to go against him.

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