Fruits Basket (Saturday Spin-off) – Japanese Mochi!

Fruits Basket Saturday Spin-off Japanese Mochi Title

This is my second Saturday Spin-off that focuses on Fruits Basket. Last time, it was a hard-boiled detective retelling, and this time, I’m going for something very different… very different indeed!

What’s going on?

I think it’s a testament to the quality of Fruits Basket that I can pitch two completely different ideas. This time, I want to pitch a prequel. It could be a series, although it may work just as well as a movie or three. I love the characters in this series and this is probably just another way for me to hang out with them some more. As such, this spin-off includes several of my favourite characters and may go some way to explaining their interactions and relationships. Unlike Noir, my hard-boiled detective retelling, this is going to be a little more lighthearted. Anyhow, that’s enough teasing, let’s get into the idea.

Fruits Basket Episode 13 Ayame And Shigure

What’s the pitch?

It’s nearing the end of the school year and Ayame, Shigure, and Hatori will be heading to university next year. As you might expect, it’s a time of trepidation and anticipation. As you may also expect, there’s going to be some celebrating and what better way than losing your virginity… Of course, that’s not possible for Ayame, Shigure, or Hatori thanks to the zodiac curse. If any of them got close enough to a girl to achieve this right of passage… poof… they’d turn into an animal.

Ayame proposes that they do their best to ensure that everyone finds the love that they deserve and goes about organising a huge party where romance is the name of the game. That sounds like a lot of fun, however, Shigure has a different idea of fun and is going to do his best to interfere and toy with his fellow students as he sees fit. Hatori didn’t want to go, but he’s just there to make sure that neither takes things too far. Just don’t eat the Mochi!

Fruits Basket Episode 15 Ayame Hatori And Shigure

Where did the inspiration come from?

Every time Ayame is in an episode of Fruits Basket, I have so much fun. Even better when he’s flirting with Shigure and making the younger members of the family uncomfortable. I also love that Hatori is a solemn voice of reason and regularly attempts to keep them in check. Basically, I want to see these guys as teenagers in an adaption of American Pie. That’s right, don’t eat the Mochi which I have been reliably informed is the perfect substitute for an apple pie… if that’s something you’re into!

Fruits Basket Episode 28 Ayame and Shigure

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    • Yeah, I love Ayame too, especially the way he acts with Shigure. I could watch that all day long.

  1. This would be hysterical. Ayame is one of my faves (the others being Kyo and Saki). I’m pretty sure Shigure had already slept with Akito, but he could support (or thwart, more likely) the other two–and knowing him probably join in anyway…

    • Agreed, any excuse to see more of Ayame is enough of a reason for me. Shigure would probably do his best to constantly screw with everyone and whatever they’re trying to do.

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