Fruits Basket (Episode 55) – I Mean… You Know, Right?

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Momiji has had somewhat of a growth spurt over the summer and looks nothing like he used to, but that’s not the only thing about him that’s changed. It’s time for Momiji to take control of his life!

What happened?

So Momiji has shot up several feet and is now as tall as Kyo, almost. He also has some words of advice for Kyo – maybe one day soon, Tohru will accept his proposal! That’s right, Momiji has a crush on Tohru, but he also seemed to want to tell Kyo not to give up or someone like him would swoop in.

As much fun as Momiji is, I’m not sure he could compete with Kyo. Anyhow, Momiji has a secret that could swing it for him.

Meanwhile, Shigure visited Akito again and antagonized her for a while before leaving. He stopped by Hatori’s place for a chat, but that just seemed to show how broken Shigure really is. Hatori asks him to be kinder to Akito, but that’s not how Shigure works.

Fruits Basket Episode 55 Tohru and Momiji

Shigure returns home to find Tohru serving up a curry on his front lawn as Yuki, Hiro, Kisa, Haru, Momiji, and Kyo dig in. He makes some comment about how he should have dreamed of Tohru. When Tohru seems confused, he plays it off as just a what-if scenario.

That night, Momiji is miraculously freed from the curse and Akito realises. She runs to his room and finds him looking out the window. He sees her differently now, how she really is and sends her home.

After a day of contemplation, Momiji went to see Akito and told her that he would not stay with her. Not now that the curse was broken. He said that he wouldn’t tell anyone, but he was done. She lashed out, but Momiji pretty much ignored her attacks. His position and body language showed how little he cared for Akito and she knew it!

Fruits Basket Episode 55 Kyo

What did you think?

Ahahahaha! Seriously, that scene where Akito found Momiji looking out his window after the curse had broken was golden. The way he looked at her was exactly what I’d been waiting for. Does it make up for any of her transgressions? No, even close, but it was oh so satisfying. Then, to rub it in he went to her room and confirmed what she feared.

The image below perfectly encapsulates the mood with Momiji looking down at Akito. He had the power now and it was wonderful. I just want to see more and more of them break the curse and walk away from her. There’s no way the others won’t figure it out. They already can sense that something is up and Tohru is bound to trip and fall into him at some point.

Also, that scene at the end with Momiji and his mother was brilliant. He absolutely deserves to find a way to have his mother once more. What she did to him was unbelievably cruel, but he wants her back and I’m going to cheer him on.

Fruits Basket Episode 55 Momiji and Akito

What have you learnt?

They’ve not announced the number of episodes for this season yet, although I heard a rumour back in season one that there would be sixty-three episodes. So, that’s two twenty-fice episode seasons and one of thirteen. So, if the remaining eight episodes are all curses being broken and Akito getting more and more miserable, I will be more than happy with that.

There is still the revelation about Kyo’s link to Tohru’s mother and his involvement in her death. I’m absolutely certain that he was somehow involved. Maybe not directly, but he feels responsible for it and I wonder if him confessing that to Tohru will be the thing that breaks his curse.

It was an interesting set of scenes at the beginning of the episode that showed Ayame, Hatori, and Yuki as they struggle to accept that they love someone other than Akito or that they could possibly love them. It seems corny but could love be the answer to the curse. Could Momiji coming to terms with how he feels about Tohru have been enough? Maybe that’s why Akito is so hell-bent on destroying any and all relationships that don’t involve her?

Fruits Basket Episode 55 Momiji

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  1. > It seems corny but could love be the answer to the curse.

    After a comment that was left on my blog this morning, I’m starting to think on same lines. Kureno, Hatsuharu, Momoji… Love (or at least caring incredibly deeply) seems to be the common denominator.

    • Yeah, possibly some sort of connection to another person that is stronger than the supernatural bond to Akito.

      Maybe that’s why most of their parents are a-holes. They’re all constantly being driven apart by the curse so that the bonds remain.

  2. I loved this episode and loved how Momiji kind of dealt with everything coming his way. I do feel bad for him crushing on Tohru because that’s just not going to happen but it was great to see him smiling at the end of this episode.

    • For sure. He’ll always be like a little brother to Tohru. I do hope he gets his family back though.

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