Fruits Basket (Episode 20) – I Can’t Believe You Picked It Up

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And here comes another Soma! This time it’s Hiro and he isn’t the biggest fan of Tohru, plus he’s just an annoying kid. Luckily for Tohru, Momiji brings Kisa to help make the peace. It’s not going to help Kyo though!

What did you watch?

Wow! We’ve made it all the way to episode 20 of Fruits Basket and I’m still really enjoying it. That said, this episode we’re introduced to another Soma and I’m just going to say it… I hate this kid! Sure, there have been annoying characters and larger than life characters, we’ve even met Akito, but I think this is the first time I’ve hated a character. There will be spoilers and a certain amount of rage…

Fruits Basket Episode 20 Kyo Getting Angry At Hiro

What happened?

Ever since Tohru helped Kisa to get over her self-loathing and return to school, they’ve spent a lot of time together. This has clearly struck a nerve with one of Kisa’s friends and fellow Zodiac Soma, Hiro. He takes it upon himself to ambush Tohru and see what everyone sees in her. He’s not impressed and also a huge jerk, stealing her notebook which has a picked of Kyoko in it. When Tohru finally catches up with Hiro, Kyo has already found him and Momiji has brought Kisa with him.

After more rudeness from Hiro and Shigure running out on his poor editor again, we learn that Hiro is in love with Kisa and approached Akito for a blessing, but things didn’t go so well, as you would expect with Akito. Anyhow, Tohru ends up having a little heart-to-heart with Hiro and kind of turns him to her side.

Fruits Basket Episode 20 Tohru Turned Hiro Into The Sheep

What did you think?

I don’t like Hiro. I didn’t like him at the beginning when he was incredibly rude to Tohru. I didn’t like him in the middle when he was still incredibly rude. Then at the end, I can see how they may be trying to justify his behaviour, but I still don’t like him. His behaviour was unacceptable and did I say, I didn’t like him. It was an interesting episode, however, because it reminded us of what’s at stake and that there’s much more going on in the background.

Fruits Basket Episode 20 Hiro Soma

What was your favourite moment?

My favourite moment was a very short one. It was when Shigure and Hatori were discussing Hiro and what happened when he visited Akito. If nothing else, it’s going to be quite the celebration when Shigure takes down Akito. Do it Shigure! You’re our only hope. Otherwise, there was just too much Hiro going on in this episode.

Fruits Basket Episode 20 Shigure Hugging Kisa With Yuki Bashing Him

What was your least favourite moment?

Every time Hiro was on the screen. Is it wrong that I was hoping that Yuki was going to attack at any moment? I literally hated everything about that kid and the way he treated Tohru and everyone else really.

Fruits Basket Episode 20 More Hiro Soma

Who was your favourite character?

Seriously though, Kyo. You had your chance to be my favourite character of the episode and you blew it. Unfortunately, I also found myself getting annoyed at Tohru for putting up with Hiro’s crap and just being too much of a pushover, which I know is kind of her thing, but come on. There’s being nice and then there’s letting arrogant little turds behave like that. So, Shigure was my favourite character for running out on his poor editor and plotting the downfall of Akito.

Fruits Basket Episode 20 Kyo Angry At Hiro

Who was your least favourite character?

Do I really need to say it? All right, it was Hiro. Hiro, Hiro, Hiro! Argh!!! That kid just wound me up something fierce. I’d be quite happy to never see Hiro again. Please tell me he’s not integral to the story going forward!

Fruits Basket Episode 20 Hiro Being Rude To Tohru

Would you like some more?

I’m just going to sit back and quietly support Shigure in all his devious endeavours. Also, judging by the title of the next episode, we’re going to see a lot more of Saki. I feel like it could be her backstory, which I am very much looking forward to. At this stage, I don’t even care about who Tohru chooses between Yuki and Kyo, I’m just here to see Akito’s reign brought to an end! Oh, and if they can tell us the link between Kyo and Kyoko, that would be grand!

Fruits Basket Episode 20 Kisa After Akito

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  1. A lot of people don’t like Hiro at first but I think he is a really good portrayal of an elementary school age kid. He’s smart for his age but bratty and acts like a kid because he is one. His behavior isn’t acceptable, but at that age, children can’t properly handle their strong emotions or trauma. He’s scared and confused and angry and feels helpless and can only deal with those feelings by lashing out. The fact that he is somewhat self aware of that means he has a lot of room to grow. I think his character is important because he’s one of the few people that point out Tohru’s flaws. Everyone else kind of ignores how much of a pushover she is or even finds it endearing, but Hiro straight up tells her she’s a pushover and he’s right. I think it’s important to have someone calling Tohru out on things. Not everyone has to like her.

    • This is very true. Doesn’t mean I have to like him. I also agree about Tohru being a complete pushover. Hoping that she develops a bit of a backbone as the series goes on. Otherwise, she’ll need someone to hold her hand for the rest of her life lest she be taken advantage of like the girl in Momiji’s story about the gullible traveller.

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