Fruits Basket (Episode 43) – Do You Wanna Kiss?

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Rin is desperate to find a way to break the curse. She even goes to see Shigure and offers him everything she has, but he laughs at her assumptions that he is a favourite and would know more than anyone else.

What happened?

Shigure told Rin that he may be a favourite but he is not a good man. He isn’t prepared to put in the work needed to discover a way to break the curse. Instead, he seems set to wait for others to do the dirty work. Rin doesn’t believe him but tries to find some answers for herself. However, when she passes out while searching, she wakes to some pretty horrific nightmares. We see how Rin’s early childhood was fake and when she asked why her parents were so happy all the time, they snapped and turned into what can only be described as demons. One afternoon after school, Rin passed out in the street and was found by Haru. He took her to the hospital where it was found that she had multiple injuries in places that weren’t obviously visible.

When her parents were called in to explain, they told her that she could not come home and that they didn’t want her. She moved in with Kagura’s family, but that only made things harder. As she grew older, she came to rely on Haru for support and somewhere along the way, it turned into more. This, of course, enraged Akito who took it out on Rin and ultimately pushed her out of a second storey window.

Fruits Basket Episode 43 Haru crying for Rin

What did you think?

Wow! Episodes like this seem to appear every so often in Fruits Basket and every time they do, it’s like taking a sucker punch to the gut. It is horrific to see the way the Soma parents, in general, treat their children. Sure, there are some good ones, but if there was a contest for the worst one, it would have to be a brutal battle royale style format where the worst parent would be the last one standing! It makes me sick to my stomach to think that people like this actually do exist in the world. And then there’s Akito…

Fruits Basket Episode 43 Haru and Rin

What have you learnt?

I am a little worried about how this series will end. Anything short of Akito’s head on a spike will leave me thoroughly disappointed. The problem is that I get the feeling that this isn’t going to be a revenge story. Somewhere along the road, they are going to try to humanise and explain Akito’s past, and frankly, I don’t care what happened to her (yes, I still believe Akito is a woman). There is nothing that will allow me to forgive her actions and the way she bullied and abused the zodiac Somas. Burn the whole damn estate down!

Fruits Basket Episode 43 Rin after falling from the window

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