Fruits Basket (Episode 51) – I’ll Hold Another Banquet

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Tohru struggles to take in the secret that Kurome has revealed to her. She wants to desperately say something, anything, but nothing comes out. All she can do is cry and watch him walk away.

What happened?

So, Kurome revealed that Akito is a girl, but was raised as a boy. Only Kurome, Hatori, Shigure, and Ayame know the truth as they felt it the moment that Akito was conceived. Akito’s mother, Ren hates Akito and the unnatural bonds that she has with the zodiac spirits. Surprisingly, Kurome also believes that the bonds are unnatural, but he made his decision to stay with her despite this. He cannot choose Arisa. He’s sorry.

Tohru wants to say something. She can see that he is putting others feelings before his own and she wants to help him, but nothing will come out. Nothing but tears. She watches as he walks away, but all she can do is drop to the floor and sob. Sometime later, Saki and Megumi find her and take her home. To put the Soma’s at ease, Saki phones to say that she has Tohru and that she will be having a nightgown festival…

Fruits Basket Episode 51 Akito attacking Ren

After telling Tohru that she found her because she could hear her crying at a frequency that no other could, Saki convinces Tohru to talk about what’s bothering her. She reveals that she tried to convince Kurome to contact Arisa, but he can’t. She tells Saki that Kurome puts others feelings above his own. Saki tells Tohru that she too does that and that they worry that one day they will lose her because of that.

Of course, Arisa arrives and she heard everything. She thanks Tohru and tells her not to worry about her – she obviously loves dummies. They talk and relax while Megumi enjoys the company of older women! Tohru returns home the next morning and finds that Kyo found her scarf, Yuki can’t cook, and Shigure can’t stomach it! She’s determined to take things one step at a time as she comes to terms with the revelation about Akito.

Meanwhile, Rin has been sneaking around the Soma estate and is found by Ren, who offers to help her…

Fruits Basket Episode 51 Saki and Megumi come to Tohru's aid

What did you think?

I feel like I should mention again that the Akito twist was something that I predicted back in episode 7, so it wasn’t that much of a groundbreaking moment. It was nice to be finally proven right, which is probably why I bring it up again… As for this episode, it was another fantastic addition to the series and did an amazing job of showing just how much this rocked Tohru’s world.

My main concern with the season will be that they are going to try to make us feel sympathy for Akito. It’s a very real worry because if they do it right, it’s going to be hard not to. This series is amazing at doing stuff like that. The problem is I don’t want to. I hate Akito and feel that she needs to suffer some real consequence for what she has done to the others and until that happens, I will not be budging on this. Also, surprisingly, I think Megumi was the star of this episode with some timely comments.

Fruits Basket Episode 51 Tohru and Arisa

What have you learnt?

This episode really managed to pack in the emotions. We got to see dispair from Tohru, anger from Akito, remorse from Kurome, fear from Shigure, concern from Saki, acceptance from Arisa… and so much more. And yet, we come out the end of the episode smiling. They put us through the wringer and we thank them for it. The subtlety in writing is fantastic, especially with how well it flows. On top of that, the characters feel like real people, and not just that, people that we want to be around. I seriously can’t believe this is the final season!

Fruits Basket Episode 51 Arisa Kyo Yuki Tohru and Saki

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