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Tohru and Yuki got caught in the rain and while waiting for it to die down, they come across Haru and tiger! It is, of course, one of the zodiac Somas and she’s going through a rough time, so much so that she ran away.

What did you watch?

This was episode 18 of Fruits Basket and the series shows no signs of slowing down. Well, slowing down might not be the best way to describe it, but it’s maintained such a high standard of storytelling and character development while continuing to offer fantastic advice that has lots of real-life applications. I’m still waiting for some serious revelations, but we’re getting closer to the end of season one, so there’s got to be something soon. As normal, there will be spoilers.

Fruits Basket Episode 18 Kisa Bites Tohru

What happened?

Tohru and Yuki were waiting at the station for the rain to subside when a soaking wet Haru wandered by carrying something in his shirt. It turned out to be a tiger and one of the Somas possessed with a zodiac spirit. Tohru being Tohru was bitten by the tiger before they took her to Shigure’s house. The tiger is a girl named Kisa who has been struggling with bullies and as a result, hasn’t spoken in three years. Her situation is also a little too close to home for Yuki.

After Haru told the story of the bullies, Kisa ran away again. Tohru found her outside and was once more bitten, but then Kisa’s mother arrived looking exhausted and struggling to cope with the situation herself. Then as things looked to be going nowhere, Tohru told Kisa’s mother about her experiences with bullies. Kisa transformed back to being a human and followed Tohru around after that. Yuki witnessed the moment and was also touched by Tohru’s story.

Fruits Basket Episode 18 Tohru Haru Shigure Yuki And Kisa

What did you think?

This was a much more serious episode. It felt like it focused on one single issue, but it was incredibly powerful. I’d imagine most people have had problems with bullying, it appears to be one of the darkest aspects of our society. I abhor the idea of anyone being bullied and will stand up for anyone if they needed it. The fact that we see so much in the media, whether it’s in politics or entertainment, is utterly infuriating. The whole gossip culture and shamelessly judging people for what they wear, how they sing, whatever, it really is distasteful. The fact that this episode has made me rant should tell you just how good it was.

Fruits Basket Episode 18 Tohru Enjoying Having Kisa Around

What was your favourite moment?

I think that was when Tohru told the story of how she had been bullied and how she felt ashamed when her mother found out. It really is a disgusting thing to do to someone for whatever reason. The fact that Tohru was able to reach Kisa and Yuki just shows that her strength is her ability to connect with people and empathise. She may be a bit of an airhead at times, but she is a wonderful character and someone that needs to be championed.

Fruits Basket Episode 18 Kisa Accepts Tohru

What was your least favourite moment?

When Haru, Tohru, Yuki, and Momiji were on the school roof talking about Kisa’s issue and it became apparent that every person there had experienced it and even those that weren’t there. It’s shameful that children feel that this is an appropriate way to treat people, but then when they see public figures laughing about how someone looks or making fun of the way someone talks, what are they supposed to do. Something needs to change and it’s on the adults to set an example. Damn it, this episode is making me mad!

Fruits Basket Episode 18 Haru Momiji Yuki and Tohru

Who was your favourite character?

I’ve liked Haru as a character from the moment he stepped into Fruits Basket and he’s been a delight every time he reappears. He’s always caring and thinking of others, often acting against their wishes and behind the scenes if he thinks it would best serve them. He’s even prepared to step in and fight for his friends. Haru is another character that would make a great friend in real-life.

Fruits Basket Episode 18 Haru Hugging Kisa After She Spoke For First Time In Three Years

Who was your least favourite character?


Fruits Basket Episode 18 Bullies

Would you like some more?

There are still so many questions that I want to know the answers to, so absolutely, yes! I think there are eight episodes left in the season, so, hopefully, some will be answered soon. That said, as long as it continues to deliver episodes to the same high standard, I won’t mind waiting a little longer to find out everything. This series really has been a massive surprise for me and once more points out the benefits of watching more than just your favourite genre. There is so much to learn from a well-crafted story and this is without a doubt one of them.

Fruits Basket Episode 18 Kisa Returning To School

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