Fruits Basket (Episode 15) – I Wouldn’t Say That

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Shigure invites Tohru, Kyo, Yuki to the Soma Lake Cabin for a mini-break, but in reality, it’s to get Hatori away from Kana’s wedding. Things seem to be fairly chilled until a surprise visitor arrives!

What did you watch?

It was a fairly more relaxed affair for episode 15 of Fruits Basket and after the emotional turmoil of the last episode, it was probably for the best. There’s been no progress on my theories from the last post, so I’m just going to have to wait and see if Kyo and Yuki ever step up and tell Tohru what’s going on with them. Well, let’s get into the episode. As usual, there will be spoilers.

Fruits Basket Episode 15 Shigure Suggests Inviting Ayame

What happened?

Tohru has noticed that Yuki and Kyo haven’t been acting like themselves ever since they visited her mother’s grave. She’s unsure as to what is going on but invariably blames herself. Shigure appears out of nowhere and invites Tohru to the Soma lake cabin for a mini-vacation since he missed the last one. Of course, Yuki and Kyo aren’t going to let him take her on his own, so they tag along. Somehow, Shigure has roped Hatori into coming as their driver.

Yuki and Kyo take Tohru for a walk down to the lake and get into a spot of bother, which ends with them both in their animal forms. When they get back, Hatori has fallen asleep and as Tohru puts a blanket on him, Shigure notes that she’ll make a fine wife someday. Yuki and Kyo are horrified by the suggestion, but Ayame backs him up… Yuki and Kyo are furious that Ayame has appeared and blame Shigure. Ayame, however, confirms that he found out from someone else and decided to show up.

Fruits Basket Episode 15 Ayame Surprises Tohru

What did you think?

I really enjoyed this episode. It was great to see Ayame back in the thick of it so soon after his introduction and on top of that, it gave us another chance to see Ayame, Hatori, and Shigure together. Their friendship is fun to watch, especially when Ayame and Shigure start hamming it up. Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki didn’t really do much with their half of the episode, which was a bit of a letdown since so much was hinted at last week.

Fruits Basket Episode 15 Tohru Yuki And Kyo Fall

What was your favourite moment?

That was absolutely when Shigure and Ayame started to continue their show of affection for one another, much to the annoyance of Kyo and Yuki. They are such a fun couple of characters and the dynamic of their friendship is great to watch. Even Hatori being the more straight-laced member of the group works, and the way they both stood up for him and demanded that he find happiness was very cool. They’re a great group.

What was your least favourite moment?

I was really disappointed that Yuki and Kyo both failed to tell Tohru why they were acting that way. We can only speculate for another episode, but I’m sticking with my theory that Kyo and Kyoko are mother and son, making Kyo and Tohru brother and sister… dum dum dum! I’m probably way off, but I’m sticking with it until I’m proven otherwise.

Fruits Basket Episode 15 Kyo Tohru and Yuki

Who was your favourite character?

All in, Shigure is my favourite character because he’s probably the most like me. Seriously, I may even start wearing a kimono as well. However, Shigure is even more fun when Ayame is around and the second he appeared in this episode it lit up. I love the way they mess with the younger members of the family and how Hatori has to keep them in check constantly, else who knows what might happen.

Fruits Basket Episode 15 Ayame

Who was your least favourite character?

That could be either of Kyo or Yuki. Seriously, stop beating around the bush and just tell us all what’s going on. You both have some secrets and it’s time to spill. I think we’ve all been waiting long enough, so how about you just give us something. Confirm that it’s Yuki’s baseball cap that Tohru has been treasuring all this time. We know it is, so just say it already!

Fruits Basket Episode 15 Kyo and Yuki

Would you like some more?

I’m still really enjoying this series, however, I do want something to start happening. We’ve met a whole bunch of characters and had hints and some fairly sinister stuff going on in the background. Now, I feel like we need to see some of it on the screen. We keep getting more and more questions and not that many answers. At least nothing concrete. Still, I do love the character interactions and would have gladly watched a series that focused on Shigure, Ayame, and Hatori.

Fruits Basket Episode 15 Ayame Hatori And Shigure

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    • Kyo and Kyoko… maybe that’s too obvious, but I wonder if that’s why he felt weird at the grave and why he whispered into her ear while she slept. There’s definitely something in their past that connects them.

  1. “That could be either of Kyo or Yuki. Seriously, stop beating around the bush and just tell us all what’s going on.”

    If there is anyone in the world they can trust with, well, anything, it’s Tooru.

    In fact, not telling her is causing her pain!

    Not cool.

    BTW: I really like your new theme. It’s easy to see what’s new, and it really emphasizes how much content you have!

    • Yeah, there is literally nothing they could say to her that she would take badly… I hope…

      Thanks. I’ve still got some work to do on it but I’m loving the general look and how it’s more image centric on the home page.

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