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Tohru visits with Rin and overhears Shigure revealing some thoughts he has on the curse. He believes it will eventually end on its own, but is that soon enough for Tohru… for Kyo?

What happened?

Rin has moved in with Kazuma and seems to be working back to full health. Of course, when Shigure finds out, he pays her a visit and tells her that Ren was lying about knowing how to break the curse. She was simply using her in her feud with Akito. Shigure then tells her that he believes the curse will end on its own and that they have been invited to the final banquet.

Tohru overheard the entire conversation and wants to know when. Some time in the future is not much use when she’s trying to stop Kyo from being locked up at the end of the school year. She runs away, struggling to come to terms with that information and also how she feels about Kyo.

She’s worried that by falling for Kyo, she is forgetting her mother, which is rather topical as it’s almost the anniversary of her death. Kyo tells Tohru that he can’t go to the grave with her this time, but goes there on his own and bumps into Tohru’s grandpa who tells him that she talks the way she does to mimic her father as she was worried she would lose her mother too.

Fruits Basket Episode 56 Tohru's Grandpa and Kyo

Kyo already heard the story from Kyoko, although not all of it. One evening when Kyoko had to work late, she asked him to check in on Tohru to make sure she was all right. She was, however, he couldn’t get over how lonely she seemed.

Tohru returned to Kazuma’s house to see Rin. Kagura was also there, although she was too afraid to see Tohru. However, she overheard Tohru telling Rin how much Kyo meant to her and burst in, demanding that Tohru tell Kyo that.

Kyo came home to find Tohru checking on the laundry. He asked her about her father, which opened up a can of worms and left Tohru crying into the drying sheets. Kyo tried to comfort her, but then she hugged him and he transformed. Once back in human form, Tohru showed him a picture of her father. She wanted to tell Kyo how she felt about him but feared that she would lose the memory of her mother. Meanwhile, Kyo remembered something about Kyoko that he had forgotten, or at the very least, tried to forget!

Fruits Basket Episode 56 Tohru and Kyo

What did you think?

Why is there always someone cutting onions while I’m watching Fruits Basket? It makes no sense. It’s almost midnight, no one should be cutting onions! Anyhow, it was another great episode of Fruits Basket and this time it focused on Tohru and Kyo. It’s been a while, but that just seemed to make it that much more special.

Was anyone else hoping that Kyo didn’t transform when she hugged him on the rooftop? It can’t have been just me that was disappointed to see the orange puff of smoke. I knew it was coming, it’s far too soon for something like that to be wrapped up, but that didn’t stop me from hoping.

And then, that final moment where Kyo remembered… Amazing. If only someone somewhere had predicted that Kyo was somehow involved in Kyoko’s death. I can’t find the exact post that I made the prediction, so bonus points if you can find where I put forth the idea that Kyo knew something about Kyoko’s death or felt guilty for it. It’s out there, I will find it!

Fruits Basket Episode 56 Tohru

What have you learnt?

Surprisingly, I think the image from Kyo’s memory was the second most interesting piece of information in this episode. The news that Shigure revealed about how this was the first time that all twelve of the zodiac spirits had been alive at the same time is far too big of a deal to just brush off.

However, part of me is a little disappointed that we’re going to go with the fate ending. It was always going to happen is a bit boring. I want Tohru to work it out and save Kyo, not it was just a matter of time. It kind of takes away from her efforts.

So, yeah! I’m not asking for much, but I want Tohru to be the hero and Akito to get what’s coming to her. Tohru has put in her time and deserves the satisfaction of achieving her goal. Whereas Akito has shown her colours and needs to be judged accordingly. Plenty of people have shitty lives and don’t end up like that. Just look at Tohru.

Fruits Basket Episode 56 Kyo

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