Fruits Basket (Episode 58) – I’m Disappointed in You

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Tohru is about to confess her feelings to Kyo, but he interrupts her to ask her something first. Then, when his fears are confirmed he tries to run away. She tries to stop him, but that just makes him confess everything!

What happened?

Kyo asks Tohru if she loves him, however, he already knows the answer and when she stumbles to respond, he loses it. How can she be so stupid? He feels guilty for wishing that he could spend the rest of his time with her, especially if this was going to happen. He doesn’t deserve her… not after what he did!

Tohru runs after Kyo and confronts him, standing barefoot in the rain. He tells her that he knew her mother, that he was there the day she died, and that he could have saved her. However, when it all came down to it, he chose not to in an attempt to save himself or rather from revealing his true form.

He told her that Kyoko had said that she would never forgive him. At least that was how he heard it. He’d witnessed his mother die and now Kyoko, his one ray of light in the world. It was the final straw for him and sent him spiralling into a depressive state that made him paint Yuki as the bad guy, someone to blame all his misfortune on.

Fruits Basket Episode 58 Kyo and Tohru

Tohru refused to believe that her mother would have blamed him and it certainly wasn’t something she would say. However, if there was a chance that Kyoko did say that then Tohru would have to rebel against her mother. Kyo was disappointed in her reaction, but more so because of the hope, it gave him. Something that he felt he didn’t deserve.

He turned and ran away once more, leaving Tohru standing in the rain. Yuki, who had witnessed the end of the argument ran out after Kyo. He stopped to usher Tohru back inside before racing after Kyo.

Tohru could only stand there and watch as they both disappeared beyond the steps. However, someone else emerged from the forest. She too was soaked through. Akito stared across the garden at Tohru, a dagger glistening in the rain…

Fruits Basket Episode 58 Kyoko

What did you think?

How was that an entire episode? I feel like it lasted only five minutes long… Seriously though, that was utterly captivating. I don’t remember breathing or looking away once in the entire episode. We’ve been waiting to find out what happened to Kyoko and how Kyo was involved. It would appear that it was true, he could have done something, but it certainly wasn’t his fault.

Everything in the episode just highlighted how much burden Kyo was carrying. A child should not spend their days worrying about how lonely a woman and her daughter were, especially when that child was pretty much alone, to begin with. Kyo has been through a lot and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to watch.

Finally, Akito arrives at Shigure’s house with a dagger. Who does she mean to stab with that? Last week, I put the question to Crow from Crow’s World of Anime asking how things would have been different had Akito stabbed Tohru and not Kureno… Could we be about to find out? Surely not, but I can’t wait to find out.

Fruits Basket Episode 58 Tohru rebels

What have you learnt?

I’m starting to wonder if I have been conditioned to tear up when certain music plays in Fruits Basket. That or the dastardly onion peeling ninja has attacked once more. That moment that Tohru refused to blame Kyo was pretty intense and that was saying something in this episode. I think we’ve reached the point in the series where literally every encounter will be meaningful.

That’s great from a story point of view and exciting as a viewer. It just goes to show how many different threads have been woven through the story and now, all the ends are starting to come together.

There are five episodes left… Five! It’s fascinating to watch this story come together after all this time and the potential confrontation we’re left with is going to be pivotal!

Fruits Basket Episode 58 Akito and Tohru

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  1. I love reading your reviews, but I haven’t been commenting since I’ve read the manga and don’t want to sway your opinion on anything while it’s airing.

    • The thing was dumb and submitted before I was done. Anyway, Crunchyroll made a mistake and titled episode 8 the title for episode 9. Episode 8 is called “I’m Disappointed in You.” I thought you might want to know.

    • Thanks. That makes more sense. I assumed the What’s your name was in reference to Kyoko asking Kyo what his name was before she decided to call him Squirt.

    • Thanks. That means a lot and I’m also grateful for your approach to spoilers. Can’t believe it’s almost the end! This has been an incredible ride.

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