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Tohru goes to visit Hatori at the Soma family estate, but what reason could he possibly have for inviting her in the first place, especially when he asked her to keep it to herself!

What did you watch?

And this is episode 7 of Fruits Basket. It was a slower-paced episode with lots of information about the Somas. Obviously, there was still lots held back, but I think we’re starting to get a picture of just how big the family is. There’s still no news on the length of the season, so I guess we’re just going to have to sit back and enjoy the ride, however long that may be!

Fruits Basket Episode 7 Hatori Soma and Kana

What happened?

Tohru left Shigure’s house for the day, leaving Kyo and Yuki to twiddle their thumbs. Those poor kids appear to be lost without her. Which could be a real possibility as she’s gone to meet with Hatori at the Soma family estate alone, despite Yuki’s warnings of just that. She arrives at the impressive gatehouse and is greeted by Momiji.

Hatori welcomes Tohru in his usual harsh manner and then informs her of the size of the Soma family and the two classes. He then tells her that most of the outside Somas don’t know about the zodiac curse, so it is incredible that a complete outsider is allowed to know. He then warns her that she should leave and never come back, and that Akito is using her for something.

Fruits Basket Episode 7 Shigure Hatori

What did you think?

It didn’t have the impact of the last couple of episodes but was still very enjoyable. We saw a little more of the Soma world and got a brutal glimpse into Hatori’s past and his mindset. With his ability to erase memories, he has had to harden himself to the effects, especially in one instance in particular. They really do manage to capitalize on the emotional impact of these scenes.

Fruits Basket Episode 7 Hatori about to wipe Kana's memories

What was your favourite moment?

For me, it was Hatori’s flashback when he transformed into the seadragon. If you’ve been reading my reviews of Fairy Gone, you’ll probably have noticed my regular lamenting of the flashbacks. Well, this was an example of how to do it. The way that Tohru reacted to his transformation that sparked the memory of the last time someone acted like that. It was his former girlfriend when she first discovered his secret.

It gave us a real glimpse into Hatori’s life and the way he sees Tohru’s situation. He comes across as harsh, but in reality, he thinks he is saving her, Yuki, and Kyo from what he went through. The scenes with Akito where she flipped out were very interesting. I can’t wait to find out what she’s up to.

Fruits Basket Episode 7 Hatori Erasing Memories

What was your least favourite moment?

It’s a tough one this week because I think this episode was so focused on the one thing that it took almost the whole episode. I guess, if I’m being really picky, it would be Tohru giving the same response to what comes of snow when it melts as Kana. Also, Kana walking past moments earlier talking about getting married. These were a little too perfect, but it’s a small criticism. I still enjoyed those scenes.

Fruits Basket Episode 7 Hatori sitting on a bench as Kana walks past

Who was your favourite character?

I actually really liked Hatori as a character. He’s a little more complicated and sinister than the other Somas. It was also nice seeing his interactions with Shigure, who seems to show up at all the right times. He really is pulling the strings on this show.

Fruits Basket Episode 7 Tohru Shigure Hatori Sinister

Who was your least favourite character?

We didn’t see that much of her, but Akito is a menacing character who clearly has some issues and quite possibly a bit of jealousy towards Hatori and Kana. That’s the only explanation I can come up with as to the way she acted. It doesn’t bode well for Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo if that’s the case unless Shigure can keep her in check.

Fruits Basket Episode 7 Akito Soma

Would you like some more?

Definitely. In Fruits Basket, there have been so many hooks and hints at future events that it’s almost impossible to stop watching. Even in the first episode, we had Tohru living in a tent and the Somas all transforming into animals. Each week, I feel like we’ve built a little on those, keeping me hooked from week to week without the need for a cliffhanger.

Fruits Basket Episode 7 Tohru Hatori

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  1. That scene with Kana suddenly appearing and talking about her wedding – I dunno. I kinda love it and I kinda hate it lol. I’m confused with myself ?

    • Yeah, exactly. It was nice that he could see that it worked out for her, although she did compare the new guy to Hatori! Odd that they didn’t notice him sitting there and that they just happened to be walking by, discussing it at that exact moment.

    • It’s kinda sad though ? Well, at least now, these characters will have these new beginnings ?

    • Yeah, they certainly know how to twist the knife. There’s the girl you let go so that she can be happy, but even without the memories she still thinks of you… brutal!

  2. It might be overly coincidental but I’ve mentioned before with Fruits Basket that it is all about the feels and being sensible comes second. In that way, this episode works even if it is a real stretch that the women would walk past at that exact moment discussing that and that Tohru would come to the exact same response that Kana did. In a lot of shows this kind of thing would annoy me but Fruits Basket always manages to get the tone just right to pull these kinds of scenes off and so I just kind of go with them.

    • Agreed, it was all a bit coincidental but it didn’t feel too forced and if anything we were expecting the same answer from Tohru, so anything else would have been a disappointment.

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