Fruits Basket (Episode 5) – I’ve Been Fooling Myself

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Tohru’s Grandpa’s house is ready for her to move back in and although she wants to stay, she also doesn’t want to disappoint her family…

What did you watch?

That was episode five of Fruits Basket and I’ll freely admit, I’m really getting into this series. I hadn’t seen any of the original so I can’t comment on whether this is better or not, but it is very good. When I selected Fruits Basket as one of my shows to cover, I never expected to be rating it higher than Fairy Gone, but here we are.

Fruits Basket Episode 5 Tohru's Family Welcome Her

What happened?

Last week, just before the ending credits, Tohru received a phone call from her Grandpa telling her that the renovations had been completed and she can move back in. This week opened with Tohru informing the Somas that she would be moving out. She wanted to stay, but for whatever reason, she felt obligated to move back in with her Grandpa.

Bizarrely, Yuki and Kyo didn’t try to stop her. Both seemed devastated by the news. Even Shigure wasn’t happy about it, but none of them did anything to stop her. Before leaving, Tohru prepared them a meal and left her address in case they needed her for anything. The Soma household seemed to be a hollow shell of its former self without Tohru.

Fruits Basket Episode 5 Shigue and Yuki

What did you think?

This was a great episode for a number of reasons that I’ll get into in a moment. Unlike the last episode which was heavy on the slapstick humour and entertaining personality flips from Kagure, this episode was more sombre and emotional. Tohru leaving seemed to drain the energy from everyone involved, but thankfully, it didn’t last forever.

Fruits Basket Episode 5 Grandpa Slaps the Cousin

What was your favourite moment?

There’s going to be a bit of overlap with my favourite and least favourite moments and as this episode replayed the same scenario from two points of view, it seems quite appropriate. Firstly, Tohru had just moved back in with her Grandpa and Aunt and her two children. Well, it turns out they’re complete jackasses. It turns out the Aunt had a private detective follow Tohru because her son is trying to become a police officer and they don’t want her tarnishing the family name.

Then the son started making insulting accusations about Tohru’s time living with the Somas. He was rude and frankly starting to piss me off. Well, it would appear that I wasn’t the only one that felt that way, because in stepped Grandpa with a firm slap to his face. Then he turned to Tohru and gave her a way out. He told her that he was stuck with them, but she could leave if she wanted to.

Tohru struggled with the implications of what he was saying and the belief that she wasn’t allowed to want anything for herself. Even after, he’d given her the chance to break free by sacrificing himself she couldn’t do anything to upset her family. Then out of nowhere Yuki and appears and tells her to come home.

Fruits Basket Episode 5 Grandpa Slapping To Victory

What was your least favourite moment?

Now for my least favourite moment. Well, that was the fact that Tohru still needed to be rescued by Yuki and Kyo. Even after her Grandpa had basically told her to run, he’ll hold them back. She still couldn’t stand up for herself and go. I really hope that as this series progresses she develops enough that she doesn’t play the damsel in distress forever. I think it’s what her mother would have wanted too.

Fruits Basket Episode 5 Tohru About to Break

Who was your favourite character?

How could it be anyone other than Grandpa? That guy is a legend. Not only did he cut down the sharp-tongued cousin with a swift slap, but he basically called them a bunch of negative asses. He said it didn’t matter that they would be mean to him, but he would hate to see her go through it (even if he did think Tohru was her mother). Not all heroes wear capes!

Fruits Basket Episode 5 Tohru's Grandpa

Who was your least favourite character?

Well, how can it be anyone other than the scumbag family that have basically not been there for Tohru from day one of the series? I am excluding Grandpa because I now see that when he told Tohru that she would be better off finding somewhere else to stay while the renovations were being done was to spare her from those monsters. Had he known she was living in a tent, I think he would have done something about it. The rest of her living family are monsters.

Fruits Basket Episode 5 Tohru's Cousin Acting like a Jerk

Would you like some more?

I think I’ve said it before that it takes me five episodes to really bond with the characters. If for some reason it hasn’t happened by then, it’s a bad sign for the series. As much as I love plots and world-building, it really is the characters that make the story work. Well, consider me sold on this series. I am looking forward to seeing where this story takes us.

Fruits Basket Episode 5 Yuki comes in to get Tohru

This is just a bonus image of Tohru’s cousin getting flicked by Yuki. Enjoy!

Fruits Basket Episode 5 Yuki Flicks Tohru's Cousin

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