Fruits Basket (Episode 30) – Wait for me, tororo soba!

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Summer break has begun and what better way to celebrate than by going to a haunted house… no, wait, there is an infinite number of ways that would be better for Tohru, but that’s not going to stop her!

What happened?

Arisa is super excited for Summer Break and plans on working and eating and not studying. She’s also met a guy that reminded her of Tohru, but then the chances of them bumping into one another again is pretty remote. Haru and Momiji are waiting for Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo as they leave school. Momiji has heard of something exciting and wants to take them all straight there. It’s a haunted house and to everyone’s surprise, Tohru decides that she must go in. It’s obviously a huge mistake, but Haru manages to make the best of a bad situation.

Meanwhile, Arise actually runs into the guy again and he offers to buy her lunch. He reveals that the time he met her in the convenience store was the first time he’d ever been to one. Arisa is concerned that he is a bit closed off so she leaves the restaurant but he follows her and tells her that he likes her… kind of…

Fruits Basket Episode 30 Tohru and Arisa celebrating the start of Summer Break

What did you think?

First off, Haru in the haunted house was hilarious. His story he wove about the scary mannequin was excellent, especially the way he snapped the head off the snake women that leapt out and presented it as his mother. It was all completely absurd and brilliant, but that was nothing. When the manager of the haunted house threatened to contact their parents, Momiji and Tohru begged him not to separate the mother and son again. They then told him the story that Haru told him and it brought him to tears and he presumably let them go.

Secondly, of course, the guy the Arisa met was a Soma. That was as clear as day. He even looks a little like Kyo. His awkwardness was excellent though, especially when he walked away from the kiss and didn’t say anything. Finally, seeing him meet up with Akito just confirmed what I already knew – this is going to get messy!

Fruits Basket Episode 30 Haru reunites Mother and Son

What have you learnt?

Even terrifying zombies can have emotional backstory… Haha! No, other than that, I thought the Arisa storyline was very interesting. Two chance meetings with this guy who never does anything that isn’t necessary. Does that mean that these were actually necessary and Akito is behind it all? Probably not, but I’ve planted the seed and now we’ll have to see how it grows. As always this series is excellent and you can’t help but get swept away by it.

Fruits Basket Episode 30 Kureno and Arisa

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