Fruits Basket (Episode 31) – Are you really this stupid?

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Momiji shows up at Shigure’s house and announces that they are going on a summer vacation to the Soma house by the beach and he’s invited everyone. Oh, and they leave tomorrow… pack your things already!

What happened?

After a night of cramming in Tohru’s homework, they head to the beach. Something has come up for Shigure, however, and he’ll meet them there later. Once they’ve set off, Shigure tells someone to come out from their hiding place. He seems even less surprised that it’s Rin and she seems to want something.

Meanwhile, at the beach, Tohru shows off her swimming abilities and Haru convinces Yuki and Kyo to have a race. On the way back to the vacation house, Hiro makes some comments about how Tohru never mentions her father, which appears to hit her hard. Kisa gets upset with Hiro too. After the day at the beach, Yuki develops a low-grade fever and is relaxing when he starts to play with Tohru’s hair. He thinks back to the time he climbed over the wall of the Soma estate and helped a little girl find her way home…

Shigure has now found his way to Akito’s side. He seems determined to cause some drama and even invites Akito to the beach house. Shigure is up to something and it is going to shake things up.

Fruits Basket Episode 31 Kyo Haru and Yuki

What did you think?

There’s a reason that Shigure is my favourite character in this series and this episode really highlighted why. He’s fun and playful, but also cunning and devious. If there’s something he wants, you can be pretty sure he’s going to get it. As to the developments with Akito, I’m absolutely certain this all plays into his plan, whatever that is. It was nice to see it finally confirmed that Yuki was the original owner of the hat that Tohru has kept since she was a child. We all knew it, but having the confirmation puts that one to bed. Now, we just need to know what Kyo had to apologize to Tohru about. There’s still a lot of mileage in this story and I can’t wait to see where we’re going next.

Fruits Basket Episode 31 Shigure and Rin

What have you learnt?

After thirty-one episodes, it feels like we’ve really got a handle on who the characters are. To the point, that nothing that do seems to surprise us. Even with Shigure, we’ve seen the darker side of him in action and I think that’s one of his more interesting aspects. Akito is still more of a mystery, but I am sticking with my earlier prediction that Akito is a girl. I do, however, really want to start to find out a bit more about the curse and how Akito is at the centre of things. It would appear that things are about to get shaken up, especially if Akito goes to the beach house. I’m excited. Are you?

Fruits Basket Episode 31 Kyo Haru Yuki Tohru Kisa and Momiji

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