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Arisa continues to tell the story of how she and Tohru became such great friends, and how hard it hit her when Kyoko died. On top of that, there’s a bunch of young gang members looking to make a name for themselves.

What did you watch?

In episode 17 of Fruits Basket, we continue the story that began in the last episode, which on one hand is great because I loved seeing Arisa’s past. There’s still no update on my Kyo-Kyoko theory outlined in my review of episode 15, but I feel like it’s coming. I would at least like to be able to put it to bed, one way or another. It also appears that there will be twenty-five episodes in season one, so that means there are only eight left after this one. I’m hoping for a big finish. That’s enough about the future, let’s get on with the review. There will be spoilers…

Fruits Basket Episode 17 Arisa Wants Out

What happened?

Arisa’s flashback continued with her taking a beating from some older gang members of a rival group. She managed to escape and ended up bumping into Tohru. When Tohru realised what was going on, she grabbed Arisa’s hand and ran home. She offered to patch up Arisa’s injuries but instead had to just settle with getting her the first-aid box. Arisa broke down as she realised just how lonely and angry she’s been her whole life and that she is jealous of Tohru.

Kyoko comes home to find Arisa and Tohru asleep together and from that moment on, she welcomed Arisa into their home whenever she needed it. Arisa started to realise that she wanted to leave the gang so that she could be Tohru’s friend completely, but there’s a price to pay for leaving. Kyoko arrives and puts an end to it and carries Arisa home. Back in the now, a group of gang members ambush the group as they finish lunch, looking to make a name for themselves.

Fruits Basket Episode 17 Gang Members

What did you think?

I really enjoyed seeing more of Arisa, even before this episode she’s been one of my favourite characters in the whole series, but this just helped confirm it. That said, there is a new addition to my favourite characters and that is Kyoko. I never thought they would show us this much of her, especially as her death was the catalyst to start this story. I’m now hoping that we get even more flashbacks with Kyoko in and I’m not normally a huge fan of flashbacks. With all of the links between the characters, I think that we are guaranteed to get a few more anyhow, so bring them on.

Fruits Basket Episode 17 Arisa Offering Advice To Gang Member

What was your favourite moment?

That was definitely when Kyoko showed up as the gang was beating Arisa for wanting to leave. She is such a badass it’s awesome and given the scrapes and bruises on her face as she carried Arisa home, I can only assume that she had to convince the gang to step down using force. I’m gutted that we didn’t get to see Kyoko go full-on street fighter, but I’ll allow it as it was Arisa’s story and she was unconscious by that time.

Fruits Basket Episode 17 Kyoko Saves The Day

What was your least favourite moment?

That was the scene after Tohru had rescued Arisa from the rival gang. It was so sad seeing Arisa analysing her life and the way she was sabotaging it. She believed that she didn’t deserve to be happy, no doubt feeling like it was her fault that her mother left and her father became a hopeless alcoholic. She was alone and that’s no doubt what pushed her towards joining a gang. Ultimately, Arisa was lonely and that seemed like the only way to get any sort of companionship. That was until Tohru and Kyoko came into her life!

Fruits Basket Episode 17 Arisa Upset

Who was your favourite character?

This will probably come as no surprise, but it’s Kyoko, obviously! She was such a wonderful and insightful character. Her life had not been easy, becoming the leader of a biker gang and then somehow giving it all up to become a mother. She really is a bit of a mystery and full of helpful advice. I think everyone needs a Kyoko in their life. In good times and in bad, you can count on these types of characters to have your back.

Fruits Basket Episode 17 Kyoko Carrying Arisa Home

Who was your least favourite character?

It’s really hard to pick one for this episode as it really focused hard on Arisa, Tohru, and Kyoko. Outside of them, there were the gang members, except for the one slipped away to get Kyoko’s help and then the gang members in the present who were funnier than anything else. Even Kyo and Yuki didn’t really do anything of note, so it wouldn’t be fair for me to drop this on them again. So, I’m going to let this episode off as I think everyone that was seriously involved held their own.

Fruits Basket Episode 17 Arisa Happy

Would you like some more?

There are two things I didn’t expect when I started watching this series. Firstly, it would be this long. I came in expecting a twelve-episode season with more seasons to follow. Secondly, I never expected to be enjoying it quite as much as I am. The best thing is that I am enjoying it on multiple levels. The story itself is fun and engaging with elements of mystery and mysticism, but the characters are exceptional. Looking at how they work within a story and how they fit together is a lot of fun. So, yeah, I’d love some more. Keep them coming.

Fruits Basket Episode 17 Arisa And Tohru

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    • It really is. It’s a shame that we’re limited to Kyoko flashbacks, I’d love to see so much more of her.

  1. Kyoko is the best! If the anime continues to follow the manga as closely as it has been, you can rest assured that there will be many more Kyoko flashbacks in the future.

    • I hope so, because I’d watch a show that was just about Kyoko. She’s a fascinating character.

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