Fruits Basket (Episode 42) – You Will, I’m Sure of It

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It’s the school trip to Kyoto, which Tohru and Kyo completely forgot about. Luckily, Yuki was making preparations and reminded them. Wonder if anyone will confess their feelings for another?

What happened?

Ironically, Kyo is the one to be asked out and by some random girl that hates Arisa because she thinks that Arisa likes Kyo. Obviously, this is something that they both take offence to and while a couple of class friends are lamenting Kyo’s treatment of women and wish they could say cool things like him, Saki is enjoying some local delicacies. Things get even more hectic when Yuki is separated from the others and bumps into Kakeru and then Kimi. They’re certainly not the sort of people you want around when things are already a little crazy. However, Kakeru manages to make a bit of a breakthrough with Yuki. It’s all a it of a surprise and the trip ends up being fairly memorable and just what they all needed.

Fruits Basket Episode 42 Tohru Kyo Yuki Arisa and Saki in Kyoto

What did you think?

It didn’t feel like that much happened in this episode and yet pretty much all of the central characters got a bit of time to work on their issues. Tohru and Kyo appear to be getting closer, but how much of that is him protecting her? Both Yuki and Kyo seem to have been affected by Akito’s cutting words. I definitely enjoyed the humour in this episode and it was nice to see Kimi show up again as she always has some fun things to say. I particularly love it when she switches from cute and bubbly to cold and harsh while putting Kakeru down. While this episode was a joy to watch, I can’t help but wonder if this is the calm before the storm.

Fruits Basket Episode 42 Saki watching Arisa and Kyo deny that they like each other

What have you learnt?

This was an overly pleasant episode, which again makes me worry for the coming episodes. It’s a great tactic to switch the tone and pace between episodes as it constantly shakes things up and keeps you on your toes. Was this too pleasant? Well, I guess we’ll find out when we see just how bad things get going forward. I’ve not seen the original series or read the manga, but even I get the sense that we’re building up to a pretty big moment. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will floor us, with or without a chilled episode before it.

Fruits Basket Episode 42 Kakeru and Kimi with Yuki

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