Fruits Basket (Episode 62) – You Fought Well

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Yuki raced to met with Machi and when he got there he was about to tell her about the curse when something happened. The rat spirit left his body and returned to God, leaving him feeling sad and alone!

What happened?

Machi had asked Yuki to meet her so that she could give him a get well soon present for Tohru. She didn’t know Tohru personally, but she was grateful for how she protected Yuki and gave him a new lease on life. If she hadn’t then maybe they wouldn’t have met and she wouldn’t have fallen in love with him. Yuki remembered what Haru had said to him about finding the one that will accept you. He had finally found her.

But first, there was something he needed to tell Machi. Yuki needed to confess about the curse. How could they have a relationship if he turned into a rat every time she hugged him. He couldn’t move on without giving her all the information. But then, something strange happened. The rat spirit was gone. He turned to see it scampering to God who thanked him for keeping his promise and the bonds crumbled.

Yuki felt sad and alone. He’d been with the rat his entire life and longed for it to leave, but now that it had, he didn’t know how to explain it. Yuki simply turned and hugged Machi, much to the surprised of onlookers. Now, Machi had a condition. Before anything more happened, she wanted to know if she could call him by his first name. Of course. She gave it a try and by the second attempt, they kissed.

Fruits Basket Episode 62 Yuki meets up with Machi

Akito summoned the zodiac Somas to the banquet hall for one last time and met them as a girl for the first time. She owned up to her cruel and vicious past, but never managed to apologise. Akito hopes to make amends through actions and not by a meaningless gesture. She returned to Shigure to tell him what happened. He told her that he loved her and that he would not accept anything less than all of her.

Kyo and Tohru visited Kyoko’s grave and spoke of the future. Now that he was free, Kyo hoped to push himself to go further than he ever dreamed of going. He wanted to go to another dojo and learn from another master. One day he would return and be ready to take over Shisho’s dojo. It would be far away and he wanted Tohru with him, but knew it was a tough decision… Tohru instantly said that she would go with him. She also said that she refused to believe that Kyoko’s final words were meant in the way he took them.

Of course, that was the case. As Kyoko had laid on the ground dying, her thoughts were of Tohru and how she had let her down, how there would be no one to watch over her, and how she would never see her again. That was when she spotted Kyo standing nearby. She recognised him and demanded that he watch over Tohru. Protect her little girl or she would never forgive him. Seconds later Kyoko died and found herself reunited with Tohru’s father in the afterlife.

Fruits Basket Episode 62 Akito reveals her true self

What did you think?

I knew that this would be an emotional episode before it began, but I was not ready for that ending. Oh, man! Kyoko has been one of my favourite characters in the series and it’s such a shame that we didn’t get to see much more of her. So, to see the truth behind her statement and then to find out that she got to smile again was priceless.

I also thought the scene with Yuki and Machi was very well done. The way that the curse left him just as he was about to tell her and the reaction that followed made the moment that much more intense. The faces of the onlookers were excellent and I almost expected them to start clapping.

So, Akito has finally told the others that she is a girl but then failed to apologise for her actions even though she admitted to them. I don’t know if I will ever forgive her for how she’s behaved. I bet it’s little consolation to Rin and her persistent medical conditions or Hatori and his glass eye. She has her chance to atone, but that begins with an apology otherwise it feels like you’re not sorry.

Fruits Basket Episode 62 Kyoko's end

What have you learnt?

So, the story definitely ended in the last episode and this was the first of two that are focused on cleaning up all the threads. However, after this one, I have no idea what is left for it to focus on in the last episode. Is it just going to be a montage of the entire series that would still probably bring robots to sobbing messes? I wouldn’t put it past them.

I’m curious to see what we have left, but it will probably be amazing whatever it is. If nothing else, there’s no reason to doubt their ability to hit you with an emotional blow. The only thing I don’t want is some sort of time skip and then see them all five or ten years from now with families of their own. Please don’t do that!

Fruits Basket Episode 62 Ayame and Kyo

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  1. The reason Akito decided against giving out words of apology is because she realized that, after all the irreversible pain and trauma that she has caused, saying sorry and asking for forgiveness would just sound hollow and selfish. Instead she decided to spend the rest of her life atoning for her actions.

    • Yeah, I understood that. However, without actually saying sorry it felt like a hollow gesture. She basically said that she knew she had been awful and done horrible things, but then failed to apologise. Sometimes, it needs to be said to show that you understand and aren’t just providing lip service. Often times people that have been wronged need to hear an apology. It’s a small gesture, but it goes a long way.

  2. “Akito summoned the zodiac somas to the banquet hall for one last time and met them as a girl for the first time.”

    My heart kinda skipped a beat when I realized what was going on… That Akito herself was rejecting their past.

    • Yeah, it was a powerful moment. The look on everyone’s faces was priceless.

  3. Fruits Basket is ending quite strong, tying up most of the loose ends. Machi and Yuki were cute, as was Tohru and Kyo, I just wish there was a bit more meat in terms of their development. But alas, what we have is what we have, which of course is quite good.

    • I’m not sure what you mean by more meat. I think they’ve been developed incredibly well. Even with Machi who hasn’t been in it that much, we’ve seen her struggles and how she’s changed thank you Yuki, which is all down to Tohru.

    • Plenty of good moments yes, but I have felt that Fruits Basket hasn’t really gone fully in depth with it’s characters in some regards. Aside from Yuki, whose character arc has been seeded throughout the entire show. Everyone else sort of drifts in and out of the story ,even Tohru, and she’s supposed to be the lead.

    • I’d disagree with you. Tohru’s story has been everywhere. If she’s not in it personally, her impact on the other characters has told us more about her. The same can be said for Kyo. He’s been integral since the first episode. I don’t know what more you want to know. Personally, I can’t fault the character development. If anything it’s been the shows strength. My only grumble is how quickly Akito turned her life around.

    • I’ll be honest that Fruits Basket is going to need another full rewatch, cover to cover, for my thoughts to fully form. Because watching it week to week has, in my experience, helped accentuate the flaws I see in the series.

      There is a lot of good, a lot of it. Some of the best episodes are when they jump to the minor character and give them the spotlight, but the lack of focus on everyone who wasn’t Yuki (who REALLY just inhales most of season 2 for himself), the fact that several of the Soma’s just fade into the background (The monkey guy is barely in it, Kagura vanished after her confession mostly, Rin is made out to be this huge player but sort of just fizzles out), doesn’t help the series.

      I said in some tweets that Fruits Basket should have been an anthology series from the start, OR made Yuki the central PoV character, because Tohru, as good as she is when it counts, feel wholly underused in vast parts of the overall series, especially in this last half. Hell even Kyo felt neglected after his transformation and struggle with Kagura (a great episode btw)

      It’s probably just me, and I have no doubt once I can watch the series front to back, the whole thing, without having to hold specific episodes up loner than they should be. I will change my tune. Cause I do really like Fruits Baskets, and i think it does earn the accolades it has been given over the years. But I also think it feels rather directionless at times, that there is no central figure or idea that really pulls things together, and that by not being an anthology or ensemble cast at the start, it suffers.

      Again, keep a note on these thoughts, cause I’m pretty sure I’ll be back here in one years time going “Well I was fucking wrong, I see it now!”

    • For sure, watching a show back to back is far more immersive than having to wait weekly. I’m sure, you’ll see it in a different light when you do so. And if you don’t… it’s cool. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from reviewing shows is that everyone has a different opinion. People see things differently and different things affect different people differently. Hopefully, this mindset puts me in a good place for when I start seeing reviews of my stories and can brush them off as just that.

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