Fruits Basket (Episode 29) – I Got Dumped…

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Momiji races into Tohru’s classroom with dire news, but then gets caught with Saki and Arisa teasing Kyo… anyhow, Haru has gone Dark and is smashing up his classroom. Yuki and Kyo hurry to stop him before it goes too far!

What happened?

It turns out that Haru has been dumped by his secret girlfriend, Rin and without much of an explanation either so it’s been eating away at him until he finally snapped. Kyo stepped in to confront him and took particular objection to Haru grabbing Tohru. Of course, this just opened up the memories of him lashing out at her in his true cat form. After Haru has calmed down and his parents called to the school, Yuki goes to see him and tries to find out what happened. Haru tells him about Rin and that he believed no one else knew about them.

The next day, Momiji races into their class to tell them that Haru has been suspected… He, of course, means suspended, so Yuki decides to visit Haru at the Soma estate. It’s been a while since he’s set foot there and it’s giving him anxiety, but he needs to see how Haru is doing. While there, he spots Rin but she disappears and then an elderly lady tells Yuki to make amends with Akito before it’s too late!

Fruits Basket Episode 29 Kyo

What did you think?

It was another good episode although this one definitely felt more like set up for future events. Obviously, Rin is going to be important to that and I feel like there’s more going on that her just ending it with Haru because she doesn’t need him anymore. The whole time Yuki was running toward the gates of the Soma estate, I was sure Akito was going to ambush him. Even, without being on the screen, Akito has a dominating presence. However, it wasn’t Akito, but Rin who was watching Yuki. I can see her turning up at Shigure’s house in the next episode and meeting Tohru. I also think she is some sort of bird zodiac animal which is how she can disappear from her hospital room, leaving the windows blowing in the breeze.

Fruits Basket Episode 29 Haru

What have you learnt?

It’s always good to put little things in to remind the audience of past events and their possible significance going forward. I hate it when a series suddenly drops something in that becomes integral to the story that hasn’t been mentioned since the first episode. You don’t have to continuously bang us over the heads with it, but it should be there and preferably subtle. Kyo’s beads are one of these things and even just him looking at them for a second too long reminds us of what happened when they were taken from him. Powerful images can be brought forward with ease when it’s done right. And, as usual, Fruits Basket does it right.

Fruits Basket Episode 29 Rin

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  1. “Kyo’s beads are one of these things and even just him looking at them for a second too long reminds us of what happened when they were taken from him.”

    Yep… I caught that too. A nicely done reminder that Haru isn’t the only one with a Dark Mode, and that Kyo’s fate is still hanging fire. The latter bookends neatly with Kazuma’s encounter w/ Kyo’s biological parent a few episodes back. (I say biological parent because his character is listed as “Kyo’s father”, which he mostly certainly isn’t.)

    • Yeah, this show really is surprisingly good at reminding us of stuff with the smallest of gestures.

      And yeah, Kyo’s “father” is anything but that! It’s good to have this series back again.

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