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The school year is over and everyone is making their preparations for the next steps. For most this seems to revolve around Tohru and the impact she has had on their lives. She will be missed, but this isn’t goodbye forever!

What happened?

Arisa and Saki accompanied Tohru and Kyo on their first official date which was to a petting zoo. It definitely didn’t have any elephants or giraffes though. After a bit of time in the cat petting area, they decided to head home. Tohru needed to visit the ladies room before hitting the road, which gave Saki and Arisa to lay down the law with Kyo.

They reminded him that Tohru was basically family to them. They also told him that they actually liked him and were leaving it up to him to look after her now. He was as surprised as anyone to get the full endorsement of Saki and Arisa.

Meanwhile, Yuki met up with Machi to give her a key to his new apartment at university so that she can come and check on him. She was determined to catch up to him and was glad that they had met and spent this time together.

Fruits Basket Episode 63 Saki and Arisa teasing Kyo and Tohru

The rest of the Somas went about their lives, preparing for the day that Tohru and Kyo left. Shigure had moved out of his house which was going to be empty once Yuki left. Everyone was sad, but also happy. Ayame was planning all sorts of elaborate gifts to send to his young friends, Hatori asked Mayuko to accompany him on a vacation of the southern island.

Even Akito was thinking of visiting with Tohru once she had settled in, no doubt dragging Shigure along with her too. Not that he would really mind. Everything was moving along. Lives were changing, new stories just beginning. Even Arisa was leaving to live with Kureno.

There was just one last thing to take care of. Yuki came back to the house as Kyo and Tohru finished cleaning up their things. He asked to speak with Tohru in private and found her in the living room. She was happy to see him but sad at the same time. Yuki told her that he was where he was now because of her. She had been like a mother to him, nurturing and supporting him. He made it clear that everyone loved her and she deserved it.

Fruits Basket Episode 63 Tohru

What did you think?

Just wow! Has it really been sixty-three episodes? Admittedly, the main story in terms of conflict ended two episodes ago and that let the story wind down, giving everyone a chance to have their say and make preparations for the next chapter. It was an emotional ride and throwing all those mini flashbacks at us just reminded us of everything that has passed.

It’s rare for a story to be able to end this way. Usually, it ends with the resolution of the main conflict. We’re not given the time to move on with the characters so this was a nice change, or rather a hark back to the way things used to be done. Some might call it an epilogue, but that didn’t make it any less impactful.

One of my favourite moments in this episode was when Ayame was talking to Mine about the gifts they were going to send for Tohru and Kyo. I even made a note of the sentence it was that good.

“That is why we adults must put an obnoxious level of love into stuffing care packages with cup ramen, socks, maid outfits, et cetera, and mailing them as a token of our feelings!”

It was the maid outfits that really caught my attention. I think these last two episodes wrapped everything up nicely and left us walking away from the series sad that it has gone, but happy that we got to experience it.

Fruits Basket Episode 63 Arisa about to leave to meet up with Kureno

What have you learnt?

I’m not sure if I’m going to ever sum up everything that I’ve learnt from Fruits Basket, but one day I hope to deliver scenes with the emotional impact that we’ve experienced here. I think the key to this series has been that we’ve not been told much. And by that I am, of course, referring to the infamous show and don’t tell.

Getting to experience everything with the cast makes us connect with them. We may not have zodiac spirits trapped inside us that make us turn into animals, but there were so many more things that we can connect with. The series is rich with life experiences so it would be unlikely that nothing would resonate with us.

As soon as they got us, that’s when we get hit with the emotional impact. It’s because we’re experiencing it with the characters. We haven’t been told that Yuki is closed off and awkward, we see it and live it. So, when we see him change and makes steps towards bettering himself, we feel it too. Never underestimate the power of show and don’t tell.

Fruits Basket Episode 63 Tohru and Kyo The End

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  1. “I’m not sure if I’m going to ever sum up everything that I’ve learnt from Fruits Basket, but one day I hope to deliver scenes with the emotional impact that we’ve experienced here. ”

    Amen to that!

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