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Shigure arrives back at the beach house to collect Kyo. Tohru is excited for Kyo to finally be included with the other zodiac members even if it means she’ll be alone. Kyo is not quite so optimistic.

What happened?

Yuki is surprised to see Shigure escorting Kyo to see Akito. So much so, that they almost get into a fight. Kyo hasn’t even gone in to see Akito and already the tension is through the roof. This is going to be excellent. Akito greets Kyo and then starts to mock and berate him. All he can do is stand there and take it as Akito reminds him of what he is and what he did to his mother. Finally, Akito turns the conversation towards Tohru. That’s almost too much for Kyo as he finally realises his true feelings. This is just another thing for Akito to work on and he quickly denies that he loves Tohru, fearing what Akito might do. We find out that they have a bet – if Kyo cannot beat Yuki before they graduate from high school, Akito will lock him up for the rest of his life.

Tired of it all, Akito sends Kyo back to the beach house where he searches for Tohru. He reflects on his past and the time after his mother’s death. It turns out that there was another who showed him affection… Kyoko, Torhu’s mother. Kyo finds Tohru on the beach and reveals to himself that he loves her, but will do whatever he can to save her from Akito.

Fruits Basket Episode 34 Akito

What did you think?

There were two things that I spent the second half of the first season waiting to be answered. I had predicted that Yuki was the boy whose hat Tohru treasures and that Kyo would somehow be involved with Kyoko. I guess I’ll be claiming my prize now then. All that needs to happen is for Akito to be confirmed as a girl and I win Fruits Basket! All jokes aside, I love trying to spot the clues and piece together what will come. We didn’t yet see the full extent of Kyo and Kyoko’s time together, but I think there’s much more to come. I think he possibly blames himself for Kyoko’s death, but I also think that Akito is somehow behind it and Kyo’s mother’s death.

Fruits Basket Episode 34 Kyo

What have you learnt?

This episode was so incredibly tense, I can’t even get my thoughts together without wanting something bad to happen to Akito. As far as the story goes, very little happened, but it’s going to be one of the most memorable episodes in the series for me so far. To be able to create that kind of atmosphere from two people talking was incredible. Sure, the music helped and wouldn’t have been out of place in any thriller or horror series. Another thing that this series does so well is how it incorporates the flashbacks. I haven’t once felt that a flashback was unnecessary or pulled me away from what was happening. It’s all well-timed and just enough to make me want more without being too long.

Fruits Basket Episode 34 Tohru

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