Fruits Basket (Episode 28) – Shall We Go and Get You Changed?

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Yuki wakes from a troubling dream. One that he hasn’t had in a while, but what could it mean? Suddenly, Ayame burst into his room and declares that he will spend every moment of the day with him…

What happened?

Not long after making his declaration, Ayame said his goodbyes and headed off, much to Yuki’s confusion. Ayame tried to console his younger brother who swiped away his hand, ripping his own sleeve. Of course, Ayame offered to sew it back together while they all enjoyed some nice ripe peaches he had brought over. After some casual flirting with Shigure, Ayame returned Yuki’s jacket complete with the words “brotherly love” embroidered on the back. Bizarrely, Yuki then says he would like to visit Ayame’s shop. Of course, Ayame is delighted and invites Tohru to come with him.

Yuki and Tohru arrive at Ayame’s shop and enter to find the inside full of crafting materials and a girl in a maid’s costume… Ayame then enters the room in a wedding dress… Ayame then tells Yuki that he makes clothes for people and is not afraid of any design. He actually seems to relish the idea of helping others with their romance. Mine, Ayame’s maid costume-wearing assistant takes Tohru to try on some clothes and leaves Ayame to talk with Yuki… Alone!

Fruits Basket Episode 28 Ayame and Shigure

What did you think?

I remember the first time we met Ayame and that after watching that episode my cheeks were sore from smiling and laughing. Well, this episode was no different. Ayame and Shigure are incredible together and I love the way they flirt with one another, making Yuki and Kyo uncomfortable. It’s hilarious, so much so that you can probably expect them to be heavily involved in my next Saturday Spin-off. This series is just incredible and it continually manages to shake things up. Even with Ayame and as flamboyant as he is, we got a very serious moment of reflection on how he failed Yuki when he needed him. His advice, however, was spot on and that just helps to make him such an interesting character.

Fruits Basket Episode 28 Ayame and Tohru

What have you learnt?

I love plot. There’s nothing like a compelling story with lots of things happening to pull you through it. However, if you can create characters as Fruits Basket has, you can take your time and really let them shine. We’ve had three episodes this season and the plot hasn’t really moved on much from the end of last season, but spending time with these characters is enchanting and that’s something that should not be underestimated. This series is a must-watch for anyone looking to improve their writing skills. It doesn’t matter what genre you write in, there is so much to learn. It has a good story, amazing characters, and can change the tone in a heartbeat without it feeling jarring.

Fruits Basket Episode 28 Embarrassed Tohru

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