Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 3) – The Epicurean Frontier ~Heavenly Fruit Is the Secret Ingredient~

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Kokkoro has collected an application form to create a guild. Now, she just has to convince Pecorine and Karyl to join them, which may be harder than they think. Maybe a nice meal of bugs will do it…

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 3) – The Epicurean Frontier ~Heavenly Fruit Is the Secret Ingredient~

What happened?

Yuuki and Kokkoro find Karyl outside a restaurant and soon realize that Pecorine is inside too. They decide to go in and have some lunch so that they can discuss the guild. Karyl is hungry, but since she’s trying to destroy Pecorine she is not willing to join in. When she finally gives in, it would appear that Pecorine has eaten all of the regular ingredients, so she asks for the secret menu! Several plates appear with a lavishly prepared meal consisting of various insects. After being forced fed a grub, Karyl reluctantly eats the rest, surprised at how good it is. However, when it comes to starting a guild, she’s not interested, until her superior changes her assignment. Karyl returns to the restaurant to join their guild when a brute of a man enters and demands the bug meal, but his plan is to shut down the place!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 3 Yui and Kokkoro find Karyl spying on Pecorine

What did you think?

So this series took a little bit of a detour from what I was expecting. It was a fun episode and the animation is still amazing, but I was expecting more of an adventure quest in which Yuuki would try to regain his memories while trying to stop something big from happening. Now, it appears that we’re entering a cooking show where their guild is focused on finding amazing menus and ingredients. Thinking back, it’s been hinted at in previous episodes, but having not played the game this is based on, I was a little blindsided. Hopefully, it will find some way to incorporate both as I worry about a story that is solely based on food keeping me interested. Still, it looks beautiful.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 3 Pecorine punches bribed food critic

What have you learnt?

It feels like we’ve got the setup out of the way and now the actual story can begin. I’m going to be interested to see what direction it goes in and whether food-based quests can sustain a fantasy series. I’ve never had any interest in cooking shows so I am a little nervous, especially after I enjoyed the first two episodes so much. At least, I like the characters enough to focus on them and hope that there is an interesting story to grab onto. It’s still well ahead of Shironeko and Shachibato, but this feels like a bit of a road bump. I guess the thing that I’ll be thinking about most from this is how to ensure that the audience isn’t hit with any big changes that they maybe weren’t expecting.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 3 Pecorine feeds Karyl bugs

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