Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 25) – Connecting the Pieces with You Once More

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Can Yuuki and Pecorine defeat Mana Senri? It’s not going to be easy, especially with the powers she’s stolen. What will happen if they can’t? Can Ameth pull Yuuki out without Labyrista’s help? This could be the end!

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 25) – Connecting the Pieces with You Once More

What happened?

It was looking hopeless for Pecorine and Karyl until Yuuki crashed the party. With Kokkoro by his side, the Gourmet Guild was complete once more, although Karly was struggling with her allegiance. Yuuki and Pecorine gave it their all, but they couldn’t get close enough to Mana Senri to do any damage. When things appeared to be at the most perilous, Karyl snapped out of it and blocked a wave of daggers from getting to them.

Mana Senri commented about how she always betrayed her, no matter how many times she re-did the world. However, even with Karyl, they were no match for Mana, who captured Pecorine and began to shock her. Pecorine asked Mana why she was so sad. She appeared to Pecorine to be in pain, but that just seemed to enrage Mana more who declared she would end this world and began to pull the Tower of Sol down towards Landosol. She seemed to hope that it would bring someone called Minerva back to her.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 25 Mana Senri calling out to Minerva

Yuuki didn’t wait for her to finish and charged in to attack. With his powers unlocked by Kokkoro using Ameth’s key, he managed to break through her barriers and free Labyrista and Metamorregnant who instantly turned the tides on Mana. She appeared to have been defeated, but after the dust cleared, Mana reappeared with the shadow version of herself. It consumed her and became a giant shadow monster sitting on top of the castle.

Karyl struggled to come to terms with the idea of her letting herself die like this or the voice of the people of Landosol that seemed to hope for Mana’s demise. Pecorine could see that and came to Karyl’s aid, declaring that she would help save Mana. Of course, Yuuki and Kokkoro were with her too. All of their friends joined the fight, giving them time to go into the giant shadow.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 25 Kaori and Makoto

Pecorine, Yuuki, and Kokkoro fought the shadows, allowing Karyl to get to the heart and save Mana. However, Yuuki dived in front of Pecorine and took a serious wound. It didn’t look good. So much so that Labyrista and Ameth pulled his consciousness out and prepared to reverse time and send him back. He refused this time, aware that he would be lost forever if it didn’t work. He didn’t care, he would not abandon the bonds he’d created this time.

Karyl managed to get to Mana Senri and caught her hand as she fell towards the abyss. Mana told her to let her go and save herself, but Yuuki’s hand appeared breaking through the core and pulling them both out. They returned to Landosol where Mana Senri was imprisoned although Labyrista told her they should eat rice balls together sometime. Pecorine was reunited with her parents and returned to her position in the royal family. Yuuki, Karyl, and Kokkoro returned to their home. They were about to enjoy a painfully prepared fish dinner when a girl walked in and asked to join the Gourmet Guild. She revealed that she wasn’t ready to rule anything yet. She re-joined as Pecorine.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 25 Yuuki Kokkoro and Karyl

What did you think?

I watched this episode twice before I wrote this post. Back to back. The second time without the subtitles on so I could just fully appreciate the animation. This series has been incredible and I honestly never thought we would be here when I started watching season one back in April 2020. This episode was the epic conclusion that this series demanded. Sure, it started out with these fun quests and delightful characters, however, there was always more. There was a dark undertone that occasionally peaked out to remind us it was there.

This episode was the culmination of all that work. Everything came together in what was an incredible conclusion to a battle that began three episodes ago when Labyrista attempted to take out Mana Senri. Now, we didn’t exactly get all the answers such as what this world is and how is it connected to our world, but we did get more and more hints at potential storylines for the future. Who is Minerva and why was Mana Senri so keen to find her? How many times has Yuuki had to redo this life and what were the shadows? As you may tell, I’m hoping for a third season. I think this show more than deserves it.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 25 Charlie and Ikacchi

What have you learnt?

Have you heard of the heroine’s journey? It’s a story device similar to the hero’s journey but I think you’ll find it’s quite common in anime. You’ll see it a lot in shounen anime. Basically, one of the key aspects of the heroine’s journey is the idea of friendship and strength together rather than the hero’s journey which is more about overcoming obstacles alone and getting stronger. Sure, there is a lot of overlap, but it’s interesting to note the differences and similarities.

The heroine’s journey was massively at play in this series. Yuuki was able to strengthen characters through the bonds he made with them. He literally used friendship as a weapon. However, it wasn’t just that. Pecorine’s continued attempts to reason with Mana Senri and Karyl showed us that she was on this path too. One of the differences between the hero’s and heroine’s journey is that the heroine gets weaker when alone. That’s something that Pecorine is terrified of and it no doubt pushes her to treat others that way too. Karyl has done some terrible things, but Pecorine has forgiven her. She was ready to forgive Mana Senri and even risked her life to save her. Friendship saves anime once more!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 25 Yuuki stops Labryista and Ameth from restarting

Episode Highlights

Fighting to save Landosol!

Yuuki Fights Back!

Desperate Times!

You Can Always Count on Your Friends!

Inside the Shadow!

I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying!

Re: Dive!

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