Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 19) – Code Name: Monika ~Bouillabaisse Is Best Enjoyed Hot~

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A mysterious knight is roaming the streets of Landosol causing trouble. Pecorine is determined to stop it so that people can eat in peace, but there may be more to it than meets the eye!

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 19) – Code Name: Monika ~Bouillabaisse Is Best Enjoyed Hot~

What happened?

While out for a walk, Yuuki was stopped by a couple of citizens to ask him if he’d seen a red-haired girl around. She had been acting strangely and they were concerned. Apparently, there’s a potion going around that was made by Mitsuki of Twilight Caravan that has been causing all sorts of issues. The mere mention of Twilight Caravan was enough to put Yuuki on edge. Anyhow, he found the red-haired girl who turned out to be Kuka and she was looking at a pile of erotic books. Yuuki decided to help her by burning all the books!

Meanwhile, a mysterious knight has been attacking people in the back allies and causing all sorts of trouble. Yuuki and Kokkoro managed to track it down, although it attacked as two parts. Luckily, a mysterious swordsman was there to help, driving it away. Kuka’s guild had been busy rebuilding a bridge that they destroyed when they stumbled upon something that might make them lots of money. That went spectacularly wrong, turning the mysterious knight into a giant monster.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 19 Jun rescues Yuuki and Kokkoro from living armour

What did you think?

This episode was more like what we were used to in the first season, although it also felt like they tried to squeeze too much into one episode. I know we’ve met Nightmare briefly, which is Jun, Christina, Tomo, and Matsuri, but I think we could have had an episode dedicated entirely to them rather than trying to mash them together with Monika’s guild. The link between the two stories was fine, but a little tenuous.

There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the episode either. It was always going to be a tough job following the two previous episodes, but there was some nice action and stylish animation as we’ve come to expect from Princess Connect! Re: Dive. I think one of the biggest issues with this episode was how the Gourmet Guild members felt like side dishes rather than the main course.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 19 Jun Tomo and Matsuri fighting living armour

What have you learnt?

I can’t believe Yuuki burnt Kuka’s books! What a monster. Of course, Kuka is a raging masochist and obviously borrows a number of attributes from Darkness of KonoSuba fame. So, rather than being mad, she seemed to be rather turned on by the whole affair.

So, with the story, it did all come together in the end, but I think it could have been a little more focused from the beginning. For too long, it felt like a couple of completely independent stories mashed together. As a result, it was probably the weakest episode of the season. It was a nice way to relax after the two previous episodes, but then those of us watching it live already had a week to prepare. Sure, it’ll be a nice break for anyone binge-watching the series. I did enjoy seeing so many characters though, so I’ll guess I’ll let it go.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 19 Kokkoro and Karyl versus giant living armour

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