Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 21) – A Letter to Join Feelings ~Arancini on the Green Hill~

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Pecorine has begun to harvest the Princess rice, but Yuuki, Karyl, and Kokkoro are all busy with other things. Will the harvest be completed in time and what is everyone else up to?

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 21) – A Letter to Join Feelings ~Arancini on the Green Hill~

What happened?

As Pecorine worked on the rice field, Kokkoro was busy penning a stack of letters. She took them to the post office and placed them in the mailbox. Well, once she could get past the two girls who couldn’t make up their mind whether to put their letters in or not. As soon as they moved and Kokkoro posted her letters, an armed group barged in and stole all the gold and mail. The two girls were desperate to get their letters back and Kokkoro was determined too. It turned out Suzana and Misaki were failing students who believed that they were responsible for their school closing, so they hoped to move schools.

Kokkoro teamed up with them to recover the letters and then actually managed to get them back, but not without the help of Tomo and the Royal Guard, plus their teacher, Io. They decided to not mail their letters after all and put their faith in Miss Io. Kokkoro did mail her letters.

While Pecorine worked in the rice field, she saw a vision of her old self, concerned that all her friends would soon forget about her too. Meanwhile, Yuuki met with Labyrista to talk about the memories he recovered of his past party. He went to the field to help Pecorine, determined to keep his new friends safe. Karyl joined them too after almost walking in on Mana Senri in the bath… a blood-red bath… Finally, Kokkoro showed up and she wasn’t alone. All of their friends had received a letter from Kokkoro inviting them to join the harvest. Pecorine never thought she would be surrounded by all her friends like this and cried happy tears.

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What did you think?

This series really knows how to hit you in the feels. Seriously, when Pecorine started tearing up at the end it was almost impossible not to join in. That entire scene at the end of the episode with everyone harvesting was packed full of joy. The music in this episode was particularly on point too, managing to accentuate all those feelings. My biggest worry, however, is that this is the moment of happiness before everything comes crashing down.

There were several things that make me believe this even more. Yuuki meeting with Labyrista to discuss his memories showed a different side of him than we’ve seen for the most part. He was determined and spoke with more assurance than normal. Then, there was the scene with Mana Senri… Well, there were two Mana Senri’s thanks to Metamorregnant. She was the girl trapped inside the giant Golem that Mana captured thanks to the shadows. I think we’re going to get a final confrontation in the coming episodes and if the earlier episodes are anything to go by, it will be epic!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 21 Suzana Misaki and Kokkoro Meep

What have you learnt?

For the longest time, I was obsessed with plot. As a writer, I believed that it was the key component to what made a story work. However, back in Spring 2020, I stumbled upon the first season of Princess Connet! Re: Dive. I watched as they meandered about doing random quests and meeting new people. There was a plot somewhere in there, but it was subtle and by no means a prominent component of my love of the show. This was when I saw the light, changing my belief in an instant.

I’d always known that characters were important, but never really clicked just how important they were until I found this show, and BOFURI to a lesser extent. They showed me that the characters are king. If you get them right, you can convince people to watch them do anything. The thing is, now that we’ve bought into the characters and developed a connection with them the plot become that much more significant. Everything is more important because I care about them and what happens. I don’t think you can get that by focusing on plot first.

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