Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 7) – Hidden Truths

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Edward and Alphonse arrive at Grand Central Library to discover that it has been destroyed in a fire. Luckily, there might be someone that can help them, but are they ready to discover the truth?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 7) – Hidden Truths

What happened?

The Grand Central Library had been burnt to the ground, but it was no accident. After learning that the Eldric brothers had found out about Doctor Marcoh’s research papers, Lust destroyed everything. Now, she just had to take care of Scar with Gluttony’s help, of course. They tracked him down to the sewers and attacked. However, he got away.

Major Armstrong was ordered to return to headquarters for another mission while two other officers were assigned to bodyguard the Elric brothers. Luckily, they knew of someone that had worked at the library with some particular skills that they might need. They visited the home of Shuska and discovered a mountain of books… with Shuska buried beneath them.

After getting her out, she confirmed that she had read the papers. That meant they were destroyed in the fire. However, Shuska was able to recreate the papers by memory alone. Edward thanked her and paid her for her time. All they had to do now was decipher the encrypted documents.

Several days later, Maria and Denny entered the room the Elric brothers were working in and tried to pep them up as they appeared to have been defeated. However, it was quite the opposite. They had deciphered the document and learnt that you needed human sacrifices to make a philosopher’s stone.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 7 Scar and Gluttony fighting

What did you think?

All right, now things are getting interesting. The philosopher’s stone requires human sacrifices and the research was ordered by the military, by Fuhrer King Bradley most likely. I put the idea out there that maybe they weren’t necessarily on the side of good and now that’s looking possible. I worry for Armstrong as he’ll likely just bring it up without expecting someone to be evil. That said, he’s a beast, so he’ll be fine.

I’m not sure how they managed to keep us occupied with two guys locked in a room reading books, but they did it. This episode was thoroughly engaging which is why it seemed to fly by. The episode ended with Edward and Alphonse investigating a mysterious site of an unused laboratory even though they told Armstrong they wouldn’t. I’m expecting some action and even more questions from the next episode.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 7 Edward Alphonse Maria and Deny looking for Sheska

What have you learnt?

I’ve mentioned good and evil sides when I’m really talking in a loose sense. It’s quite likely, that there are elements of all sides that are doing questionable things and now it’s down to the more righteous characters to decide which side they’re on if they’re on any side at all. Something as gruesome as human sacrifice is sure to make many uncomfortable.

I love that this development has taken what was an already interesting story and added so much extra weight to it. It goes without saying that a one-dimensional story will feel flat, but if you can add other aspects and increase the stakes, it’s going to be far more impactful. I can’t wait to see how things escalate from here. I can easily see some sacrifices and the potential for a massive shakeup. Hold on, it’s going to get bumpy!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 7 Armstong will look into it

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