Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 38) – Conflict at Baschool

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Edward and Alphonse track Scar to an abandoned mining town, but it’s going to take forever to find him. If only he would come looking for them! Meanwhile, a unit from Central arrives at Fort Briggs.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 38) – Conflict at Baschool

What happened?

Edward and Alphonse are partnered with a couple of Kimblee’s men for the search, but manage to lose them when they pretend to see something and run away. However, the mining town is massive and it’s going to take months to search every building. Just then, Mei Chang comes running, calling for Alphonse. She’s amazed that they would come all this way to find her.

That’s when Winry comes out of Alphonse’s armour, much to Mei Chang’s horror. Alphonse tries to explain that they’re just friends, but then questions why he’s defending himself like she was his girlfriend… Anyhow, they soon meet up with Doctor Marcoh who shows them the book Scar’s brother put together. He tells them they are on the right path with their investigation.

Meanwhile, Scar has been tracked down by Kimblee’s men. They turn out to be chimaeras and attack. It looks like they are going to overpower him too, but Edward and Alphonse show up. They realise that it’s Kimblee’s men but pretend they don’t know and attack as if they were monsters. After defeating them, they move on to Scar. However, Winry shows up and the fight stops.

There’s an explosion and Edward comes running out of the building. He yells at Kimblee asking why he wasn’t protecting Winry. They look up to the top of the building to see Scar carrying Winry away. Back at Fort Briggs a unit from Central has arrived and they have some questions for Olivier Armstrong.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 38 Scar versus Zampano and Jerso

What did you think?

I had to laugh when Alphonse asked if Scar would come and find them and then Mei Chang ran in. That’s a good example of coincidences working in a story. It added comedic effect and moved the story along. It also wasn’t that far fetched. I like how it’s pulling together this group. Edward and Alphonse are by no means tied to the military other than the Fuhrer’s hold on them. In the end, they have the same goal as Scar. I just don’t think they’ve realised it yet.

I mentioned in the last episode that I saw Winry’s involvement being the catalyst that brings Scar into the fold and that looks to be true. They obviously didn’t show us what was happening inside the building because it’s all a setup. Winry is now safe with Scar which frees Edward from the Fuhrer’s missions. It will also give Scar a chance to decipher his brother’s work along with Doctor Marcoh.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 38 Alphonse and Edward

What have you learnt?

I mentioned a few episodes back that I was wondering if General Raven was meant to die in Fort Briggs. It’s the perfect catalyst to label them as the enemy. They must know what Olivier Armstrong is like and by sending an oaf like Raven in, who would be sure to blab and make some inappropriate moves on her would burn her blood.

The unit from Central showing up is no doubt the precursor to declaring them hostile. It will all blow up when her team stand beside her. Fort Briggs is about to become the birth of the resistance. I wonder if Mustang’s men will show up too or whether he’ll have them doing other things. The homunculi are the main problem. I’m not even sure how they would fight someone like Selim. Well, the answers are probably in Scar’s brother’s book.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 38 Olivier Mira Armstrong

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