Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 19) – Death of the Undying

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Roy Mustang’s plan to lure out Maes’ killers has worked, maybe too well. Riza finds herself fighting for her life against Gluttony and just when things are looking dire, Mustang bursts in with a well-timed fireball!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 19) – Death of the Undying

What happened?

Believing he had toasted Gluttony, even at the expense of involving himself in the plan, Mustang raced after Barry the Chopper who was already chasing his body. Alphonse showed up and demanded to be included in the hunt. He informed Roy and Riza that the one they fought was likely a homunculus and would be back. He told them about Greed and how he said that anything is possible.

They followed the body back to the Third Laboratory which tied the events back to the military. However, Barry wasn’t about to miss out on the chance to chop up his own body and raced inside. This gave Roy the chance to pursue Barry and see what they can find within. Unsure which way they went, the group split up.

Roy Mustang and Jean Havoc found an abandoned laboratory. Well, it wasn’t completely abandoned, Lust was waiting for them. She revealed that she had been pretending to be Jean’s girlfriend and even showed them the philosopher’s stone that was her heart. They tried to burn her, but she could even regenerate from ashes. When she did, Lust stabbed both Roy and Jean and left them to bleed to death.

Riza Hawkeye and Alphonse found Barry the Chopper standing over his old body. That was when Lust walked in and revealed that she had killed Roy Mustang and they would be next. Barry attacked and was sliced into bits instantly. Riza tried to shoot Lust, but it did nothing. As Alphonse protected Riza, Roy staggered into the room and repeatedly burnt Lust until her philosopher’s stone cracked and then crumbled away.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 19 Lust reveals the source of her power

What did you think?

This episode was outstanding. The sheer amount of carnage and badassery was off the chart. Firstly, you had Lust who is amazing and I will be disappointed if she really is dead. The way she taunted Roy and Jean, especially when she regenerated her body around the philosopher’s stone in Roy’s hand was brutal. Of course, she could back it up. Her only flaw was wanting to let Roy suffer rather than killing him instantly.

The real moment of truth was when Roy Mustang toasted Lust over and over and over. He didn’t give her a second to recover or retaliate. It was hard to watch, but a necessary evil. The best part of this was that King Bradley saw it and then walked away. Could he see that he was no match for Roy Mustang with his eye that can see weakness? It’s certainly possible, but maybe Bradley has another thing in mind! Anyhow, the appearance of Edward’s father at his mother’s gravesite is rather suspicious, especially as he looks remarkably like the guy that created the homunculi.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 19 Roy Mustang burns Lust

What have you learnt?

I’m actually surprised that Roy Mustang made his move so soon into the series. Of course, it’s episode 19, but out of 64, that’s quite early. Is there a way that things will return to normal for a brief period? I doubt it. This series feels like it’s going to keep going, pushing things harder and harder. I’ve no idea how this ends as I’ve managed to avoid spoilers, which is quite impressive for a series that is almost thirteen years old!

Edward finding his father at the grave was obviously no accident. Of course, if Hoffenheim is the one behind the Homunculi then he will also be a couple of hundred years old, at least. What if Hoffenheim isn’t the one behind it and is actually a homunculus created in his own image? One that is able to reproduce! We know from Greed that anything is possible, so we’ve got to be prepared to believe the unbelievable and expect the unexpected. Easier said than done!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 19 Alphonse protecting Riza from Lust

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