Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 32) – The Fuhrer’s Son

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Mustang meets with an old acquaintance asking for help, which he gets. There’s also something for Edward too, but first, he’s having tea at Fuhrer Bradley’s home… Awkward!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 32) – The Fuhrer’s Son

What happened?

Roy Mustang arranged to meet with his former mentor, Lt General Grummer at Maes Hughes’ grave. He was a little surprised when an old lady approached and placed some flowers at the grave. It was Lt General Grummer in disguise. He revealed that General Raven had asked him if he’d like a core of immortal soldiers, which he dismissed as nonsense. However, he was soon demoted. He’s not surprised that the head of Central has been compromised and is willing to help.

Edward and Alphonse had not had any luck finding the panda so they went to the library to see if they can find any information about alkahestry, but there was nothing there. Well, that’s not true. A boy recognised Alphonse and talked to him excitedly about alchemy. Edward also bumped into Major Armstrong who passed on some news that Mei Chang had gone north. He also gave them a letter of introduction for the Major General up there.

When Edward went to get Alphonse, he was also recognised by the boy, who they soon learnt was none other than Selim Bradley, the Fuhrer’s son! Next thing they know, they are sitting in the Fuhrer’s home having tea with his son and wife. If that wasn’t awkward enough, the Fuhrer arrived and wasn’t afraid to threaten them.

Meanwhile, Solf J Kimblee, the crimson alchemist was hot the trail of Scar and Dr Marcoh, following them to the west, but then they realised they must have jumped off the train at some point. Did they go north like Edward and Alphonse or south?

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 32 Mustang meeting with Lt General Grumman

What did you think?

This was a great episode for so many reasons. Grummer showing up dressed as an old lady was brilliant, but even beyond the costume, it was a thoroughly interesting meeting and may give Mustang the support he needs to continue. However, it was the scene at the Fuhrer’s house that stole the show. Edward and Alphonse did not want to be there, and not just because of how it might look to King Bradley. Of course, he showed up and must have assumed that they were there to make a statement to him. It was a brilliant mix of thinly veiled threats and awkward misunderstandings.

Even with that fantastic scene, there was one thing that happened to get me excited. I may not have seen this series before, but I know who Olivier Mira Armstrong is, and I’ve been waiting for this moment since episode one. We’re finally going to see her. I know nothing other than how she looks, but that’s enough to get me excited. My gut tells me she’s going to be similar to General Esdeath. I can’t wait!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 32 Major General Armstrong

What have you learnt?

Misunderstandings are a great source of conflict, but they can be overdone. This was not an example of that. This was a brilliantly played out example. There was no way they could say no to Selim once they knew who he was, and for the audience, it was even better. I knew it was Selim as soon as I saw him and was desperately hoping that Alphonse didn’t give away too much. I’m worried that even telling him they are looking into alkahestry may cause problems.

Then, we had the awkward scene itself which quickly escalated once the Fuhrer arrived, which we all knew he would. There’s no way he’s not monitoring them and certainly, someone watching his family would have let him know. Amazingly, it added even more tension when he left and we saw that Hawkeye was with him. Is there going to be a point where she will have to defend him from someone she likes? Lots of added tension!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 32 Solf J Kimblee

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