Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 49) – Filial Affection

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Edward and Greed try to subdue Pride, but it’s hopeless. He’s too powerful. Hohenheim manages to wake Alphonse who then comes up with a plan, however, it will cost them! Meanwhile, Mustang finds himself in a pickle!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 49) – Filial Affection

What happened?

With the forest ablaze, Pride has all the light he needs but there’s still one thing getting in his way. With razor-sharp teeth and shadow blades, Pride slices through everything in his path, creating a clearing. Now, there’s nowhere to hide. Edward and Greed are struggling to keep up and Pride has just gotten started.

Hohenheim manages to get through to Alphonse, bringing his consciousness back to the suit of armour. When he realises what happens he blames himself. If only he hadn’t been caught by Pride and Gluttony, this would have never happened. He needs to fix it. He has a plan, but he’ll need Hohenheim’s help to achieve it.

Hohenheim emerged from the forest and caught Pride’s attention instantly. Pride drew back, unsure of what Hohenheim was planning. That was when Alphonse charged at him from behind, but Pride grabbed him with his shadows. Was that really it? Pride took delight in calling Alphonse stupid which seriously annoyed Hohenheim. He took a step forward and literally moved the earth.

The ground lifted up and curled in like a lotus blossom in reverse. Within seconds, the leaves of earth pressed against one another sealing Pride and Alphonse inside. They were trapped. Edward was furious with Hohenheim, but it was Alphonse’s idea and he told him not to tell Edward. Alphonse was prepared to sit tight and ensure that Pride stayed put until after the Promised Day!

Meanwhile, Mustang and his team were on the move, evading the military and using the Fuhrer’s wife as a shield. However, she had been deemed expendable.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 49 Alphonse attacks Pride

What did you think?

I love how modest Hohenheim is when Alphonse says that he’s a strong alchemist. Hohenheim’s response was “I guess so.” He then lifted the earth into a giant dome without a transmutation circle of any description. He simply wanted it to happen and it did. It was a great plan from Alphonse, however, it takes him out of the final battle. It is one less homunculus which is great, however, Greed also noticed. I can’t help but think he’s in for a shock.

And my gut is telling me that the shock will come in the form of King Bradley. There’s still no news on his body and with his wife in danger, he’s going to show up, especially as she’s the only decision in his life that he made for himself. Will he end up joining the good guys? I doubt it, but I could see him rescuing his wife and then leaving. His absence will be a big enough bonus.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 49 Mustang angry

What have you learnt?

The team is starting to come together and that means the final confrontation is imminent. Alphonse has technically sacrificed himself at this point and will no longer be able to help Edward, but just like my theory with Bradley, Pride being absent is not something to be sniffed at but I’m sure they will miss Alphonse at some point.

The worrying thing is that despite some minor setbacks that seem to be happening in the background, it’s all been pretty positive for a little while. Everything seems to be working out for the better. That tells me that sooner or later things are going to spiral. I’m quite certain that some people are going to die. I can’t see this going to the conclusion without anyone being sacrificed. The Promised Day has just begun and even without an eclipse things are going to get dark!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 49 Edward watching the sun rise

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