Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 44) – Revving at Full-throttle

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Hohenheim reveals all to Alphonse and it’s not that much of a shock. Edward has been patched up and is on the run as the military tries to track him down. One of Greed’s old friends finds him, but he’s not the same Greed!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 44) – Revving at Full-throttle

What happened?

Alphonse and Winry are shocked to find Hohenheim in Leore, but it gives Alphonse a chance to talk about his theories and also find out a bit more about his father. Hohenheim is shocked that Alphonse still trusts him after he abandoned them so he reveals all. He tells him he was a slave who became a philosopher’s stone. He’s immortal, but still very much human.

Elsewhere, Edward has been patched up by a doctor and is ready to hit the road again with his new allies, Darius and Heinkel. However, when Darius withdraw some money from Edward’s account, the bank notified the military and they tracked them down. Thanks to some quick thinking from Edward, they manage to escape. Now, he just has to find Alphonse.

The only survivor of Greed’s old gang followed some military officers back to Central and stumbled upon the inactive golem army. He hears someone telling Olivier about how they will bond souls that have fallen in battle to create the greatest army the world has ever seen. They are immortal and obedient.

Bido flees, terrified at what he’s discovered and runs into Greed. Only it’s not the Greed he remembers. It sounds like him and is shocked when Bido finishes his mantra. However, that’s ancient history as far as Greed is concerned. He kills Bido, but that seems to awaken his past memories. Ling taunts Greed, telling him that he can’t call himself Greed if he would turn his back on something he wanted.

Greed’s next act is to enter King Bradley’s home and attack him!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 44 Greed kills Bido

What did you think?

It feels like we’re moving towards the end game now. After Envy was defeated, I was expecting Doctor Marcoh to go after the other homunculi, which can still happen, however, I wasn’t expecting Greed to regain his memories and attack Wrath. I feel like this will be the chance Ling has been waiting for. Any sort of injury could give him the opening he needs to regain control. Of course, Pride is also there so this could get messy.

There’s still a lot to be ironed out and I’m excited to get to the bottom of everything. This has been a long and well-crafted story with fascinating characters. It feels very much like Lord of the Rings now where the fellowship has split up and is all busy doing their own thing. I’m looking forward to it all coming back together again for a final confrontation.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 44 Greed attacks Wrath

What have you learnt?

I wonder how this artificial army plays into Father’s plans and whether the top level of the military is truly in the know. It’s quite conceivable that they have been lied to and are busily working towards a different goal. Of course, Father will still benefit from their efforts and an immortal army would certainly make it possible to make an even bigger transmutational circle. Xerxes wasn’t big enough, will Amestris be big enough. There’s no stopping someone with a taste for power.

I wonder if Hohenheim will be able to teach Alphonse alkehestry. I get the feeling that the alchemy practised in Amestris is founded on Father’s powers and as such he can turn it off when he sees fit. Hohenheim is as old as Father so it’s likely that he uses a different form that isn’t dependent on Father. It would be amazing for Alphonse to surpass Edward by the next time they meet up.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 44 Alphonse and Hohenheim

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  1. Without spoiling anything, I will say that Father deceived the rulers of one country already, using them for his own ends. They believed his lies and happily did all the dirty work he wanted of them, just to find out too late that they were on the same chopping block as every other human. So, now knowing that, why should this time be any different?

    • But he seems like such a trustworthy character… lol!

      Yeah, I love the scheming and plotting going on at all levels and the fact that Father can override everything if he wants, and he probably does.

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