Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 14) – Those Who Lurk Underground

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Izumi and Edward face Greed, but he realises it’s time to run. However, he left it too late as the Fuhrer, King Bradley arrived with a team and has ordered the extermination of Greed and his team of chimaera.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 14) – Those Who Lurk Underground

What happened?

Izumi and Edward are ready to fight Greed, but he turns and runs. Unfortunately, Izumi is having one of her episodes and that stopped Edward from following. That’s when the military arrived and locked the place down. It’s not just the military though. The Fuhrer, King Bradley is leading the charge and isn’t planning on taking any prisoners.

Greed attempts to fight back, but he’s no match for Bradley. He does manage to knock off his eyepatch which revealed an eye with an ouroboros symbol on it. When Greed’s men arrive, they rush to help but are mercilessly cut down by Bradley. Alphonse who had been kidnapped by the team held Martel inside his armoured body. She was desperate to get out and help, but it would be certain death.

However, Bradley approached Alphonse which gave Martel the chance to try to strangle him. She failed and was cut down inside of Alphonse. This terrifying and brutal experience awakened his memories of meeting the being after they tried to resurrect their mother. Sadly, there were no clues to regaining their bodies.

King Bradley delivered Greed to a mysterious underground facility where he was joined by Lust, Gluttony, and Envy. He revealed to Greed that he was Wrath. That was when their father offered Greed the chance to rejoin his team. When Greed refused, he was melted down and reabsorbed into his father’s body.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 16 King Bradley kills Martel inside Alphonse

What did you think?

King Bradley has been slowly giving himself away for some time now, but this was the moment that everything was confirmed. He is a member of the evil group with the ouroboros tattoos, but surprisingly he’s not the boss. No, that is the man that looks remarkably like Edward and Alphonse’s father! Could he be the same man? It’s possible, although he’s over a hundred years old. Clearly, this is the person attempting to create a country-sized transmutation circle so that he can create a perfect philosopher’s stone.

We also know that they need someone that has attempted the tabooed practice of creating a human as Alphonse and Izumi are candidates for the sacrifice. I don’t think Izumi believed his sincerity one bit and will no doubt find a way to stop him. It would also appear that Edward and Alphonse just learnt about Major Hughes, but then, they’re already a little suspicious of Bradley.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 16 Greed versus King Bradley

What have you learnt?

It was fairly obvious that Bradley was somehow involved in the diabolical plot that seeks to use Edward as a sacrifice. I thought he would be the one in charge, but it was an interesting twist to make him just another henchman for someone much more sinister. The fact that he melted Greed down and then drank what was left is a pretty crazy idea. The idea was crazy, the execution was something else entirely.

I like that Edward and Alphonse have been wary of Bradley for quite some time and now we know why. It didn’t answer all the questions though which is great because there are a lot more episodes to go. I’m curious how they are going to stretch this out now that we know about Bradley. It’s going to be fascinating to watch, especially as someone that is looking to create a longer series.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 16 Gluttony Lust Wrath Envy and Greed

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