Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 13) – Beasts of Dublith

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Izumi expels Edward and Alphonse for what they did. Alphonse wants to argue, but Edward takes it on the chin and leaves. However, Izumi’s husband sees them off at the station and gives them a little advice too.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 13) – Beasts of Dublith

What happened?

It turns out Izumi expelled them so that they were no longer her students. That freed her to be able to talk to them freely if they had the stomach for it… Their goal is to find a way to get their bodies back and believe that Izumi can help them. She puts forward a theory that Alphonse saw more of the truth as he lost his entire body, but simply can’t remember. If they can recover his memories, he may have the answer they’ve been searching for.

The next day, Alphonse is sweeping outside of Izumi’s house when a note appears before him. Someone claims to know his secret and wants to talk. Alphonse goes to the meeting point and ends up in a fight with some strange-looking people. They manage to defeat him and take him back to their base.

There Alphonse meets Greed, a homunculus who’s been alive for two hundred years. He’s interested in Alphonse’s secret as it could be the answer to immortality. The other people with Greed are chimaeras and all of them were created by the military. Alphonse doesn’t believe it.

Luckily, Edward storms in and picks a fight with Greed. However, Greed can make his body like a shield and has the ability to fast heal his body. Edwards discovers his secret and is turning the fight in his favour. That’s when Izumi storms in and beats both of them down. You don’t mess with a housewife!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 13 Dolcetto versus Alphonse

What did you think?

It was an all right episode without really doing too much. We got a brief glimpse of Scar at the beginning and were shown again why he’s such a badass. I think that scene along with everything else that happened felt like it was all just preparing the stage for something bigger to come. As a result, it didn’t have much to it. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best way to follow the last episode.

Without giving away any real details, this episode pretty much confirmed that the military is somehow behind everything that is going on. We don’t know why Greed doesn’t talk with Gluttony, Envy, or Lust, but we don’t know why. I felt like that information kind of got glossed over with Edward’s angry entrance when it should have been a much more important reveal. I assume we’ll get to the bottom of it later, but it was a nice tease and possible confirmation of what I’d seen so far.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 13 Greed

What have you learnt?

I mentioned in the last episode that I felt that Bradley is the ultimate villain for the series, although he’s doing a pretty good job of disguising that. Again, we don’t know that Bradley is directly involved in the homunculus or the chimaeras but it’s hard to imagine that he doesn’t have any idea. We also don’t know exactly where Greed stands on anything other than becoming immortal.

He said there were issues between him and the others, but we don’t have any specifics. I can only hope that Izumi beats the details out of him. She is hilarious and I’m going to be sad when they leave and she’s no longer in it. This world is getting deeper and deeper and the idea that Alphonse may have the keys inside him is a fascinating idea. Keep them coming!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 13 Edward

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