Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 42) – Signs of a Counter-Offensive

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Marcoh and Mei Chang attempt to decipher Scar’s brother’s work and make a startling discovery. Meanwhile, Pride tells Kimblee to begin the Crest of Blood. He’s hesitant, but there’s more than one way to achieve it!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 42) – Signs of a Counter-Offensive

What happened?

The book that Scar’s brother left for him is starting to frustrate Doctor Marcoh. He knows that there will be a code in there, but that’s not helping them. Then, Alphonse wakes up to find his body in pieces. He was too heavy to carry in one go, so they broke apart and moved him. Now, they just need to put the pieces back together again. That gives Mei Chang an idea.

They place the pages of the book on the floor, connecting them like a puzzle and when they’re done, a transmutation circle like the one that will cover the land is revealed. Marcoh is furious. That’s no help whatsoever. Alphonse gives them the idea to flip the pages which shows them another circle, but this one is based on alkehestry. Could this be the answer they seek?

Meanwhile, Kimblee followed a path deep into the mine and stumbled upon Sloth’s tunnel. Pride appears and tells him the time for the Crest of Blood is now. Kimblee tells Pride that the soldiers of Briggs are too strong and it won’t be easy. So, Pride tells him to use that to his advantage.

Hohenheim arrived in Leore and wanted to see the church where the uprising began. Beneath it, he finds a tunnel, flooded with poisonous water. He continues using alchemy to create a safe path. It leads to Sloth’s tunnel where Pride comes after him. Hohenheim makes it to the edge of Pride’s container and asks him to pass a message on to Father.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 42 Pride chasing Hohenheim

What did you think?

Still no Olivier Armstrong, but the show must go on! This was a great episode even though it really didn’t have that much action. A lot of time was spent decoding the book and while that ended up being pretty simple thanks to lots of circumstantial things, it was entertaining. Now, we just need to know what the new alkehestry circle means and how they should use it.

There were a lot of fairly significant events overall as Sloth completed his tunnel. That led to Pride telling Kimblee to get to work on the Crest of Blood. My gut is telling me that Kimblee has no intention of killing the Briggs soldiers, but is actually bringing the enemy forces in under false pretence with the hope that they’ll be wiped out. It shouldn’t matter who’s blood it is, as long as there’s lots of it!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 42 Scars brothers work decoded

What have you learnt?

I mentioned the lesson learnt by Edward in the last episode and I’m almost inclined to backtrack a little. It’s still a valid lesson, but it could also confirm his ideals if Kimblee ends up turning against the homunculi. I wouldn’t say he’s going to become a good guy, but he could absolutely go rogue and do his own thing entirely. I think this battle at the wall will show us what he’s made of.

It’s always good to have a character that can go in any direction. Kimblee is a monster. There’s no doubting that, but it is possible for him to have a lasting impact on the direction of the story. I’d sooner take an ambiguous character acting in their own interests over a mysterious hero appearing out of nowhere. Saying that it’s about time for Olivier Armstrong to reappear. I’m getting withdrawals…

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 42 Pride tells Kimblee to begin the Crest of Blood at Briggs

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