Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 46) – Looming Shadows

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The Promised Day is almost at hand which means now is the time to fight back. However, King Bradley is aware that there could be trouble and goes to watch a joint military drill in the East!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 46) – Looming Shadows

What happened?

Miles is taking the soldiers of Fort Briggs for a joint training exercise with Lieutenant General Grumman’s men in the East. It was supposed to be cover to get their forces together ready to strike Central, but Fuhrer Bradly has shown up to oversee the entire thing and make sure everyone behaves.

On their way there, they delivered Winry to her home where she found Edward squatting in her bedroom. It turned out that Greed and the team were there too. Winry wanted Edward to promise that he would save everyone and get his body back. He grew frustrated that she wouldn’t see reason and be cautious. Greed, however, liked her. He told Edward that everyone wants something they don’t have. Greed can be a force for good… sometimes…

During the training exercise, Alphonse remained hidden in the train carriages where he was having issues of his own. He kept slipping back to the void, called there by his body. When he came to, he heard something strange and went outside to investigate. Gluttony found him and Pride captured him. This is not good news.

Meanwhile, Scar and Marcoh arrived in Leore and collected the others. They had a small force of Ishvalans and were ready to take the fight to Central. Back at the training exercise, one of Grumman’s men raced to see Fuhrer Bradley. He told them that the exercise was a distraction while a group of Ishvalan terrorists attack Central. Bradley decided to head back, but the train stopped on a bridge and when it started moving again the carriage had been uncoupled. There was an explosion and nothing remained of the carriages.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 46 King Bradley

What did you think?

So, we’ve had a little time skip and in that time, Edward has grown. Could it be due to his lighter automail? Possibly! I loved the scene in Winry’s bedroom where everyone kept appearing and the situation just got out of control in no time. I also loved the way Grumman took Bradley out. I’m not convinced he’s been defeated as yet, but it was nicely done and even Bradley seemed to be furious as he realised he’d been tricked.

The best moment of the episode, however, was when the higher-ranking officers were all panicking about Fuhrer Bradley’s demise. Olivier was eyeing up his seat and was about to take her chance when she froze, sensing something terrible behind her. Then, we saw Father and Sloth standing behind her. Father placed his hand on Olivier’s shoulder as if he knew what she was thinking. Chilling.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 46 Sloth Father and Olivier Armstrong

What have you learnt?

I really enjoyed Greed’s discussion with Edward where he pointed out that greed wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. As with everything, it’s about how far you take things. There are extremes and scales so to brandish every greedy thought as evil is a fairly childish approach. It’s kind of ironic that Greed understood that considering he wants everything, the world included. That could be considered to be at the wrong end of the scale. Winry wanting everyone to be safe is clearly at the other end.

I love it when a line of dialogue can really make you think. It’s not just for sweeping epics either. Any story can grab you with a moment of reflection. I think the trick is getting the balance right and making sure the idea is consistent with the themes of the story. Greed is a pretty big one in Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood along with several other human traits. It doesn’t even have to be something too clever or profound. Something that starts the ball rolling is more than enough.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 46 Edward and Winry

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