Mieruko-chan (Episode 7) – Did You See That?

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Yuria is determined to get Miko back for embarrassing her and takes her and Hana to a haunted tunnel. Unable to see as much as Miko, she misconstrues the events that unfold, but at least she has some friends now!

Mieruko-chan (Episode 7) – Did You See That?

What happened?

Yuria discovers that Hana has developed a fondness for photography after her picture of Miko and her went viral. To capitalise on this piece of information, she invites them to a special place where they will be able to take amazing photos. It’s out of town and Miko is already getting a bad feeling about it. Hana is so excited she brought extra snacks.

The place Yuria is taking them is an old tunnel that is believed to be haunted. She’s certain that Miko won’t be able to go through as she will see all the ghosts. Miko has her concerns but tries to hide them as always. Hana walks in first and sure enough, the ghosts start to emerge. Yuria can see them coming and watches Miko.

Miko pulls a stone out of her shoe and tosses it away. Then, she stumbled and slapped the floor with her hands before climbing to her feet and dusting them off. Yuria thinks that Miko threw a charm and put up a barrier. She’s in awe of her, but that won’t stop her vengeance. However, a bigger ghost appears and starts to eat the other ghosts.

Yuria thinks that Miko was exorcising them as she can’t see the big one. She tries to do it herself and gives away the fact that she can see the ghosts. The big one thinks she’s talking about it and loses its mind, attacking them. Miko pulls Yuria out of the way and then the two cat spirits from the shrine appear and defend them. They indicated that that was her first save. The bigger spirit told her she had three. After a stressful day, they head home for some cakes.

Mieruko Chan Episode 7 Miko Yuria and Hana on the bus

What did you think?

I love the way that Yuria is constantly getting the wrong end of the stick. It’s not helped that Miko can’t tell her anything for fear of being discovered by the ghosts. She needs to find a way to communicate that the ghosts can’t see or hear. Until then, we’ll get to see Yuria making all sorts of crazy assumptions like Miko creating barriers and exorcising ghosts. It was interesting that Yuria saw Hana’s spiritual energy and then saw it burn up one of those tiny old men.

The other big question is whether those spirits that saved them were indicating that this was her first save or whether she had one left. Did the first save at the shrine count or are the three times after that? That’s before we even get into a whole range of questions. Can the ghosts hurt them? They seem to get annoyed when they realise that humans can see them, but only the big ones, based on Yuria’s reaction to them as she can’t see those. There’s a lot to think about. I just hope we get some answers.

Episode highlights

The Shower!


The Field Trip!

The Oil Drum Ghost!

Going Home!

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