Mieruko-chan (Episode 8) – The Things She Sees

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After shopping for their mother’s birthday, Miko and Kyousuke ride the train home, however, there’s a ghost on the train and it’s freaking terrifying! Can Miko keep it together?

Mieruko-chan (Episode 8) – The Things She Sees

What happened?

Shopping for birthday presents was going well. They had found a dress and Miko was even going to try it on as she’s a similar size to their mother. That’s when it all went wrong. A ghost in the changing room made Miko decide to keep it on, meaning they would have to find another present. They found a pair of his and hers mugs, that were actually well received. However, on the way home, a ghost appeared on the train and walked along the line of passengers, driving its axe into their heads, one by one!

Miko could only watch in horror as it made its way toward her and Kyousuke. How was she going to maintain her composure as it chopped at her head? She thought about moving, but when one man moved to answer his phone it chopped at him relentlessly before returning to the line. Amazingly, Miko held it together, although she make Kyousuke get off a stop earlier than normal as she needed new panties…

The next day, Miko and Hana were walking with their teacher who was about to go off work to have a baby. However, there was a small white cloud floating beside her. It kept moving toward her belly and appeared to be reaching for the unborn child. Miko didn’t know what to do. She eventually decided to tell her to take care and not do anything too stressful. She revealed to Miko and Hana that her first child died before birth and this time felt different. Miko realised the ghost was her first child watching over them.

The following morning, Miko and Hana met their new teacher and he looked awfully familiar with a capital “AWFUL”. It was the guy that had come to collect the cat from them that Miko refused. He stood there at the front of the class, surrounded by angry cat ghosts. This was not a good development.

Mieruko Chan Episode 8 Miko Yotsuyas mom likes her birthday present

What did you think?

The changing room scene was fairly chilled, especially compared to the bathroom scene from episode four. It was funny and the ghost seemed fairly nice. It was complimenting her. However, that scene on the train was the tensest moment yet. I think I died watching it and am now watching these as a spirit. Watching Miko sit there as this ghost casually moved along hitting each of the people with its ghost axe was too much. How she managed to stop herself from screaming, I’ll never know. I would have closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep next to Kyousuke…

Then we were reminded once more that not all ghosts are evil or malicious. The one guarding their teacher for example and even the one in the changing room. But then, we saw their replacement teacher – Zen Toono. I’m hoping this guy isn’t an evil cat murderer, but the signs are all there. Having the extra ghosts in the class will not help either. I wonder if Yuria will be able to see them or not.

Episode highlights

Present Shopping!

The Train!

The Old Teacher!

Fresh Perspective!

The New Teacher!

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